Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Growing Wednesday?

My garden looks more empty this week, as I pulled up the remainder of the onions and some dead plants. The zucchini, peas and some lettuce were all finished so they got fed to the hens.

This week I have to start harvesting more swiss chard, I've been slacking but I don't want to waste it. Anyone have any good recipes that include swiss chard?

The other half of my garden is looking more alive, for now at least. The cucumbers, beans and tomatoes are slowing down though so it's just a matter of time before they will be pulled up as well.

I've really enjoyed working in the garden this year, it's such a productive hobby and gives you so much satisfaction. Eating food that you watched grow, nothing beats that.


  1. That pic of you is so cute Jennie! I recently threw some swiss chard in a hamburger casserole and it was good. You could also chop it small and mix it with mashed potatoes, throw it on a pizza, or put it in a bean soup.

  2. I admit that I don't even really know what swiss chard is... so no help there.

    But I love seeing what you're growing every Wednesday! So fun!

  3. Been enjoying your garden posts. It seems a lot like ours, but yours is better!

  4. Jackie - Those are fabulous ideas for using up swiss chard! I will definitely have to give some of them a try. And I took that pic for Stacey, since she gave me the shorts and told me it could be my new gardening outfit. :)

    Jenek - It's kind of like spinach...

    Furry Gnome - I'm glad you're enjoying my garden posts, although I doubt mine is better than yours!