Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Daily Routine

I'm totally new to this whole housewife thing. Well, maybe not so much the housewife part but very much so the whole stay-at-home part. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being at home all day and doing all my housewifely duties, but I really need to get some sort of routine in place.

I think that having a routine will really help me be more productive and organized. It's easy to be lazy and just hang out on Facebook or Pinterest all day and get absolutely nothing done. It's easy to push important things off "until tomorrow" and then realize at the end of the month that you still haven't done said important thing. It's easy to get busy starting ten different projects and then not actually finishing any of them. It's so easy to not make the most of your time each and every day.

But I want to break out of any of these bad habits before they really take a hold of me. I'm not saying that I can never have a lazy day or a crazy project day, but I want to make the most of my time and be productive. I want to develop some good routines.

Let me be clear on what I think a routine is. It is not a schedule and it can be flexible. I don't want to stress about sticking to my plans or making sure I get a certain amount of things done before noon each day. I want my routine to be made for me and have the ability to change it as I see fit. Obviously, different times of year will also factor into my routine. My summer routine will be different than my winter routine, but overall, some things will be the same.

When I first quit my job at the end of June, I happily sat down and made myself a Homemaking Binder and a Homesteading Binder. That's how cool I am. I got my printables for the binders from the blog Reformation Acres and I love them. I would recommend checking out her blog and posts on her binders.

I'm still using my binders, especially for the homesteading part, but I want to get into using them more. I had every intention of forming good routines right off the bat, but with our motorcycle accident, pregnancy, miscarriage and other life events, it just didn't happen.

But now that summer is winding down and winter is fast approaching, I am going to attempt to get back into a good routine. Or more like start a good routine.

I plan on getting back into the habit of making daily to do lists and having certain days each week or month that I do things I have to, like bookkeeping.

I'm excited for the slower pace of fall and winter, even if the days are shorter and the weather is colder. I'm ready to buckle down and really dig deep into this whole stay-at-home-wife thing. I'm excited for the challenge and look forward to blogging about my adventures and sharing them with all of you.

Do any of you have some sort of a routine in place? Any advice or tips?


  1. :) Aren't lists fun? My morning routine usually goes as follows: wake up, go pee, eat food, check e-mail etc, get ready for day.

  2. I completely agree with you. When I retired 3years ago I knew I'd get very lazy without a routine. Mine is making the coffee (my widgets hers in bed), then time to catch up reading blogs and waking up. What gets me going is a few morning stretches and walking the dog - the change to something physical really starts my day. Have you ever tried the pedometer and 10,000 steps thing? Worked well for me, and the morning walk energizes me, at least a little.

    As for the never-ending to do list, I never knew retirement could be so busy. If there isn't some outing on the calendar, it's a relief, I can do some writing, photos, or gardening. God luck not being lazy!

  3. Sorry about the spelling! This automatic word interpretation when I've typed something else gets me every time.

  4. Jackie - Lists are one of my absolute favourite things. But you forgot to mention "read Jennie's blog" onto your morning routine. :P

    Furry Gnome - I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with the temptation to be lazy. But yes, a routine is something that is very important. And not working a job does not mean we just sit around all day! I've been quite busy these last few months. I like your idea of a morning walk, I may have to incorporate that into my new routine. And no, I have never used a pedometer or counted my steps. Maybe I should look into it.

  5. I gave up teaching five years ago when we expanded our farm and orchard business. Even though I was extremely busy I found it very difficult to stay focused without the timetable i was used to. Now I make a 'To Do' list everyday. I have it divided into two sections - 'Home' and 'Business' - and I list all the things I need to do for each part of my life. I sometimes include a 'Me' section also - where I put things like 'finish book', 'go for a walk' 'have a sleep' etc!!!! Somehow that legitimises my "me time'.! Someone else on a blog i read had an interesting idea - instead of a To Do list she had a 'Did DO' list which she filled in at the end of the day. I wouldn't normally do it that way, but occasionally when I have several days of never seeming to get everything on my list completed, it's quite therapeutic to sit down and compile a 'Did Do' list and be pleasantly surprised at what I have actually managed to achieve!

  6. Anne - It's hard to adjust to coming home and being in control of your time. Like you said, it's not for lack of being busy but of focusing and making the most of your time. I like your idea of dividing your list up into sections, I may have to give that a try. I also want to work on prioritizing my list so that the important/urgent things get done. The idea of a "Did Do" list is also pretty cool. I always love looking back and seeing what I accomplished in a day.