Friday, October 18, 2013

Exercise... What's That?

I figured it was high time I did a post on my exercise goals, especially after I had such a great start to the Spring/Summer with my Fab Ab Challenge and Couch to 5K. I decided to do some research on when my last post on exercise was and was horrified to discover it was from the beginning of June when I blogged about my 5K run.

:::hangs head in shame:::

I cannot believe it has been over four month since I blogged about my exercise goals. But want to know what is even worse than it being four months since I blogged about these goals? It's been over four months since I did any of these goals!

Yup, you read that right. I've been one lazy couch potato this summer and fall. I have done zilch in the working out department.

Although I do have a decent excuse. At least I like to think it's decent. I stopped running mid-June because I was having chest pains and upon a visit to the doctor, discovered I had an irregular heartbeat. I was sent for some further testing to make sure it was just a murmur and nothing more serious but until I heard back, I opted to stop the running. And then it got really hot. And then we smucked up a deer on the motorcycle and I sprained my ankle. And then I wanted my ankle to heal really well before I started anything back up again. And then I got pregnant. And then I miscarried. And then I had a rough recovery from the D&C. And now it is now.

So, decent excuse? <---- Just nod and smile.

But now that all my excuses are done and over with, it's time for me to get back on the exercise bandwagon! I've got plans! Want to hear them?

First up, going for regular walks. My ankle (and the rest of me) just isn't up for running again yet and I know full well that once the colder weather hits, I'm not going to be up for 1/2 hour runs outside. There's no point in even pretending. But I figured that I could totally handle walks for now and I will get back to running come Spring.

Second, indoor workouts. My sister Jackie lovingly put together a little daily workout for me to do which includes sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, arm circles and some yoga positions. The best part about it, is that she made it totally flexible. I can start out with the absolute basic number of each and then work my way up as I get better at it.

Third, weights! I was planning on getting into some weights last Spring but it just never happened. I have a Jillian Michael's Shred-it with Weights workout video that was lent to me and I plan on giving it a try, finally.

Now since I know myself so well, I know that I won't actually stick to all of this if I start it all up tomorrow. I'm too lazy for that. So my plan is to start slow and work my way up. I am going to start walking at least twice a week and then as I get a bit more comfortable with that, I will add in some of my indoor workouts and then the weights video. I think that sounds doable.

What do you think? Do you think I'm crazy? Do you think I can actually do it? What do you do for exercise? Go to the gym, work out at home, nothing? I want to hear from you!


  1. Lord honey I fell off the exercise wagon too! Once and while I would spring up for a run or two, but then I was back on the couch. Now I seem to be in hibernation mode- where I just want to cuddle in my jammies on the couch

  2. Casey - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. And I totally hear you on hibernation mode! Once the colder weather hits, I just want to curl up in front of the TV all the time. But no, I refuse to lazy all year long! You should make some small goals too and then we can keep each other accountable. :)

  3. I think your goals are completely reasonable. Oh and by the way...Im 100% convinced the Jillian Michaels is the devil. It was decided after starting her 30 day shred video.

  4. Erin - I have yet to do any Jillian Michaels videos so I may agree with you in a few months. I've been told to try out the 30 day shred but I have yet to gain the motivation to do so. Thanks for scaring me. :P

  5. You can do it! I think you have a smart plan in place.

  6. Jenek - Thanks! I thought starting out small would be best. Now off I go for my first walk!

  7. I think you are being realistic about it. :) I also think you had some pretty good excuses. I also think that 4 months is a long time!
    I suggest: walks for at least 2 weeks before adding anything else. And make the walks exciting (listen to music, you and Dan leave in opposite directions and meet up in the middle, walk before doing something else you look forward to, pretend you are walking to school **wink, wink**).
    I have been running, biking, swimming. :) Never as much as I like, but nonetheless fairly regularly. I have to change it up, or else I get bored. I also have to have a goal. Tomorrow I run a 5 k race, I know that after that, I will be less motivated to run, since I don't have another race coming up...
    My mantra for moving: it has to be fun. I have to feel the tangible good from it. It can't be a big obligation, or else I just won't do it!

  8. Cora - Thanks for agreeing that my excuses were legit. But yes, it has been too long and it's time for me to get back out there! I like your suggestions for making my exercising more exciting. On today's walk, I talked to Jackie on the phone and that helped. I hope your 5K tomorrow goes awesome!

  9. I'm the opposite as far as the cooler season goes. As it gets cooler I want to get more active. So does the dog, (after mostly sleeping in hot summer weather), so our walks get longer. Then comes the snowshoeing, great winter exercise.

    I've exercised for years; the doctor says it's one reason I'm still alive, so I plan to continue. But I never found the exercises like push-ups and such grabbed me. On the other hand, I enjoyed a little work with weights, especially after dealing with stupid people at work! Nothing like a little weight-lifting to banish the frustrations.

    I don't think it has to be 'fun' as much as be a routine. Good luck.

  10. Furry Gnome - I really want to get into snowshoeing this winter! I just get cold so easily, so that's why I usually hibernate during the winter months. But I'm sure Mia (our dog) would love it if I was more active. I really want to get into a good exercise routine, since I know it's so good for your health.

  11. Jenn, I'm needing to get moving too ... so this post is encouraging me to do so. Realize how blessed you are that you can just go out and walk ... with no concerns for safety. Unfortunately, this is not the case here ... but if I go across the Straits into another country, it is. But too far to go just to walk. So here it will be my elliptical machine ... and some ladies are getting together here to do Zumba. Never done it but hear it's really good ... fun ... and doesn't need anything except a little space. Go for it, girl!!!
    And you excuses are certainly not 'excuses' but valid reasons.

  12. :) Good plans Jennie! And I would be happy to talk with you on more walks, I find it helps pass the time myself, and it's always fun to talk with you!

  13. Bunny - It doesn't cross my mind often how blessed I am that I can just go out for a walk or a run. I'm sorry that you are unable to, but at least you have an elliptical machine! Good luck with Zumba, I have yet to try it but it sounds like so much fun!

    Jackie - Thanks! You mostly think it's a good plan because you helped come up with it. :P And I'm all for more walking.