Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Garden Update

The garden is officially done for the year. There is not one single vegetable left in it.

I pulled the rest of the carrots yesterday and gave the chickens the squishy frost-bitten peppers. Then I did my workout for the day and dug/raked a portion of the garden. I figure if I do a little bit each day, I should have the whole garden looking good by the end of the week.

Even though it was a chilly 6 degrees Celsius, the sun was shining and I thoroughly enjoyed my time outside. It felt good to breathe in the crisp fall air and be able to see my progress.

It really was a beautiful day with blue skies and light wispy clouds. It was one of those days where it felt good to be alive.

I've been having a down week of feeling sorry for myself but yesterday really helped me gain perspective. I love where we live and I love our house and yard.

I love Mia and I love that we are able to grow our own produce. I just have to remember all the things I love when I'm having a rough time.

Did anyone else get out and enjoy the outdoors this week? What's the weather like where you are?


  1. It's getting very cold here. We had to dig out our warm coats, hats and gloves! Even the pups have their winter jackets on now when they go for their walk.

  2. Erin - I'm not ready for winter yet! Although I totally pulled out my warm scarf to wear this morning along with a more substantial coat. But I have yet to take out the mitts.

  3. I'm not ready either. It's always a sad day when I have to put away my sandals. *sigh*

  4. It is always a sad day when you put your garden to bed. And I love Mia's stick!

  5. Erin - My sandals are still sitting in the kitchen, I really should just suck it up and put them away. :(

    Megan - I know you understand, being a fellow gardener. And Mia loves her stick too, although she doesn't understand why I don't like to throw it for her. Silly dog.

  6. Well done Jennie! And I think your green onions look bigger than the green onions I tried to grow this summer....
    It was a gorgeous day like that here in Seattle yesterday. I took the opportunity to deal with my little 'garden' remnants and sweep up all the leaves that had overtaken our patio area.

  7. Your garden looks good. I really enjoy the cooler fall weather, and I've been out doing the late fall chores all week. Putting hoses and deck chairs away, starting on some raspberry beds for the spring, and so on. Garlic was planted two weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed your outdoor time!

  8. Jackie - I wonder if there is some secret trick to growing green onions that we don't know about. I've never had good luck with them! And I'm glad you had a productive fall clean up day too. :)

    Furry Gnome - There is something nice about tidying up the garden/yard for winter. I have yet to put away all my chairs though, I really should get to that soon. And I'm totally jealous of your garlic! I wanted to plant some this fall but we never got around to it. Maybe next year?