Friday, October 4, 2013

Indoor Herb Garden

Since my outdoor herb garden was a bit of a failure, thanks to me forgetting to water it, I decided to try an indoor one. I already had all the seeds and some extra pots lying around, so all we needed to do was pick up a bag of potting soil.

We really have to find a better place for it though, the piano bench isn't all that useful where it is now. But then again, I haven't used it to play piano in way too long anyways...

We just planted things a little over a week ago, so they're still tiny and fresh. But I wanted to share pictures now because there is something so special about new growth.

And because really, it might all die and this is as far as my herb garden gets. I'm realistic, you know.

Dan can't wait until he can pick fresh herbs to throw into recipes throughout the winter months. He checks on their growth each day and is thrilled when they have made progress.

So far, only three different herbs have grown. The parsley has made no progress and we haven't made it into town to pick up some thyme seeds yet. But we have more than we did this summer, so I'm not complaining!

We plan on moving our little herb garden into our bedroom, where we get better light throughout the day. You know the place, where my plant sanctuary is. Maybe if we add two new pots, we can actually legitimately call it a plant sanctuary. We just need to find a table/bench to put them on, since I don't want to use my piano bench forever.

Do any of you have an herb garden? Do you do it both outside and in? Any success? Tips or advice for a newbie like me?


  1. Adorable little garden! :) I'm sure that if Dan is so enthused about it, the plants won't die off. My only tip would be to sing and read poetry to your plants--I've heard they like that! ;)

  2. Jackie - Thanks! I'm not sure I'll be reading or singing to my plants, I think I would feel silly. But is it weird that I could totally see you doing that? :P

  3. I have some sage, rosemary, parsley, thyme (Are You Going to Scarborough Fair??Ha!) oregano and chives growing in pots outside my back door. This is the first year I've looked after them diligently and they're growing beautifully. I absolutely love grabbing some fresh herbs to use when I'm cooking. Have you thought of setting up a mini greenhouse/glasshouse for them outside? Or would it still be too cold during winter?

  4. isn't your back porch .. .off the kitchen heated?? Would it work .. or would Miss Mia do too much pruning?? In Novar, my porch .. .though chilly in the winter .... did okay for my plants all winter long ... so just maybe you could too. Have you thought of an ultra violet light bulb .... ones specifically for growing plants. I had one ... again in Novar ....and my African violets were gorgeous ... always in bloom ... even though there were no windows down there ... only this light bulb .. fluorescent growing light

  5. Anne - That sounds like a delightful assortment of herbs! Maybe if mine do okay, I will add some different ones. I know nothing about greenhouses or growing things so I'd be scared to attempt one outside.

    Bunny - No, that back sunroom gets really cold in the winter, I wouldn't want to leave any plants in there. And I wouldn't trust Mia. :P As for the ultra violet bulb, I hadn't thought of that...