Monday, October 28, 2013

Pear Trees

In last Wednesday's Thank You post, I mentioned that we received two pear trees from some dear friends, Dave and Glenda. These trees were given to us in memory of our four babies.

A couple weeks back, Glenda told me that she wanted to buy us two pear trees and asked if I wanted to go along and help pick them out. We arrived at the nursery to discover they only had the two trees left, it was perfect. We loaded them into my car, she gave me a sweet card and I may have cried a little bit.

I got them home safely and we then had to decide where to plant them. We chose to put one in the backyard and one in the front yard, both along the hedge/fence side.

I love how Mia is hiding behind the leaves on that one branch.
Dan dug both holes because he is stronger than me but I did help by watching and taking pictures. Okay, so not that helpful but oh well.

I'm hugging the tree, in case you're wondering what was up with my arms.
I'm pretty excited with our two new trees and I can't wait to watch them grow big and strong and produce fruit. And every time I look out the window and see one, I will think of our precious babies and our sweet friends.

Have any of you ever purchased or been given a meaningful plant/bush/tree? Do you still have it?


  1. My father planted a pear tree when my son, his first grandchild, was born. It is still growing away, feeding the squirrels, in the back yard of our family home where my brother still resides.

  2. My Dad gave me a rose bush for my birthday last year - it didn't do much but be a stick this year, but I'm hoping it will make a come back next summer!

  3. Karen - I love that the tree is still there and you still have family living in that home. It makes it that much more special.

    Vicky - I hope your rose bush comes back next year. I planted a small rose bush that I thought had died and it came back. I'm hoping it will do well again next year.

  4. I think that watching your husband work helps to build his ego. :) And it will be fun to watch your pear trees grow over the coming years.

    I was given a little plant as a thank you back in January, and I'm happy to report that it is still alive! (despite a couple near death experiences...)

  5. Jackie - I agree with you on the watching the husband work thing. And I know he doesn't mind digging while I watch. Good job on keeping your plant alive! I have bad luck with plants, especially ones that I'm supposed to keep alive. :P

  6. My grandmother had a beautiful 'rambly' type garden which I loved to play in as a child. When she was going to leave her home to live in residential care she gave me a whole lot of cuttings from her garden for me to plant in mine. I had them outside in a tub ready to be planted when our milking cow escaped from her paddock and ATE THE LOT! I was so disappointed. I never told my Nan. I do have other bits and pieces that people have given me and I value them very much but I'll always regret Nan's flowers being eaten.

  7. I just love everything about these pear trees--the meaning behind them, the thoughtfulness of your friend, the project of planting them, and the awesome pictures. Next time we come, can we have fresh pears?! ;-)

  8. Anne - That is so sad about your Grandmother's flowers! I would have cried a lot and been so mad at that cow. I'm glad you still have other meaningful flowers but I don't blame you for still being sad over her flowers.

    Tory - I love all those things about our pear trees too. And I doubt we'll have fresh pears by the time you come next, since it'll be next summer right? :D