Tuesday, November 26, 2013

25 Days of Christmas

All throughout my childhood, I remember how excited I would get when I received my chocolate advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. It was a tradition our family had and I looked forward to it each year, even if it made the days seem to drag by even slower. Getting to open up a door every day and enjoying the cheap chocolate, ahhh bliss.

But that tradition came to an end a couple years ago. I can't actually tell you which year it stopped but I do admit that it was after I was married. Probably somewhere around the time that I got sick and felt like total crap and didn't even want to think about eating chocolate.

So this year, instead of having a chocolate advent calendar, I decided to make an activity advent calendar! My inspiration for this calendar came from here and here. While I love both of the original calendars, I'm really happy with how mine turned out.

Although I think mine was way more time consuming...

First things first, I found a box pattern on Google and printed it off. Then I traced it 25 times onto different coloured construction paper and then cut out each one.

Oh and don't forget, I drew the dotted lines to tell me where to fold. Once they were all cut out, I folded and taped each one into a box. Like I said, time consuming.

I did sit by the fire and watch a lot of tv while doing this craft so it didn't seem to take THAT long. The only problem being, I kind of got distracted by the tv and got consumed by my boxes so I forgot to take too many pictures.

Next step, finding more pictures on Google, printing them off, cutting them out, tracing them onto different coloured construction paper, cutting them out and gluing them onto 25 different boxes. Piece of cake.

Or you can just call me crazy. Seriously, I may have miscalculated how much time this step would take. But totally worth it. Check out these adorable boxes!

I was so excited when I finally finished them and so happy with how they looked. Even better than I thought they would.

The final step was to come up with 25 different activities that we could do each day. Here is my list.

1. Get and decorate tree
2. Put up outdoor Christmas lights
3. Buy a toy to donate
4. Game night
5. Have friends over
6. Make homemade hot chocolate
7. Santa Claus parade
8. Christmas by Candlelight (local event)
9. Write a note for each others stockings
10. Go geocaching
11. Make cookies together
12. Buy special ornament
13. Send Christmas cards
14. Breakfast in bed
15. Go for a walk
16. Have a Christmas photo shoot
17. Watch a Christmas movie
18. Take a picture of Santa
19. Buy a gift for Mia
20. Wrap presents & listen to Christmas music
21. Drive around looking at lights
22. Go ice skating
23. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas
24. Sleep by the fire
25. Make a snowman

I then wrote each activity on a piece of paper and put them into the appropriately numbered boxes.

Once they were all stuffed, I chose the perfect location for them to go while I count down the days to Christmas.

I'm still contemplating adding some chocolate to the odd one, to make the countdown a little more exciting but I haven't justified the cost of my super expensive gluten/dairy/corn free chocolate. We shall see.

So what do you think? Do you have an advent calendar? If so, is it a chocolate one or something different?

Now that it's almost December, I'll be sharing a few more Christmas themed posts. Hope you don't mind.


  1. Wow! Impressive work Jennie. :) Although, I can't believe you are going to send out all your Christmas cards in 1 day!

  2. Jackie - I normally spend a couple weeks writing them all and then drop them all off in a mailbox in town. I don't plan on writing them all at once!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am dying with admiration over your creativity. So adorable. I love how romantic you guys still are. Are you planning on doing them while you are away too, were those activities strategic???? ;)

  4. Vicky - Thanks! I wouldn't go complimenting us on our romantic-ness until we actually complete the activities. And yes, our weekend away was strategically organized. :)