Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Thanksgiving

I already posted about Canadian Thanksgiving in Quebec and about all the fabulous food we ate back at the beginning of October. That Thanksgiving dinner was on the actual Thanksgiving weekend and it was with my family. We planned to have dinner with Dan's family the weekend before, except for things came up and that didn't work out. So we rescheduled it for the first weekend in November, which was this past Saturday.

We volunteered to host this year and I excitedly started planning my menu and decorations. First up, pumpkin place cards.

I found the idea on Pinterest and tweaked it a little bit to work for me, like using construction paper instead of card stock.

I also made a Thanksgiving banner, which I am totally in love with.

Once again, the idea was found on Pinterest and I used construction paper to execute it. This one took way longer than I thought it would though, cutting out each little leaf. Fortunately, I could multitask and I made it while watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.

Other than being time consuming, it wasn't that hard. I just found a leaf shape that I liked on Google, printed it off, cut it out and then traced it onto different coloured construction paper. For the letters, I used WordArt in Microsoft Word, printed it off and cut out each individual letter. Finally, I taped them all to a string and hung it on the piano. Nice and simple and oh so pretty.

I also moved my fall display from the kitchen table to a small table in the living room.

So my living room was quite festive and I'm totally going to leave these decorations up for a while yet. They're just too cute to put away right now and I may even leave them up until Christmas decorating time.

As for the dining room table, I didn't go too extravagant with it. I used my pretty special occasion table cloth and my pretty old dishes with some candles and few acorns placed in the middle. Nice and simple and yet elegant.

There were twelve of us for dinner, ten adults and two little kids. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures of the food or guests because once people started arriving, it got a little crazy.

But I can tell you what we ate! I provided the main meal which included turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, cranberry sauce and pickles. Others brought rolls, jello salad, rice stuffing, pies, pumpkin tarts and apple crisp.

It was a good day with delicious food and time spent with family. And I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself for pulling it off and making tasty food.

For my American friends, how are the Thanksgiving plans going? Are any of you hosting this year? Hopefully some of my decoration ideas will come in handy and if not, just check out Pinterest for inspiration!


  1. I am hosting this year as I do every year. We were in Canada to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving last month. I am actually a Canadian living in the US. We celebrated twice while we were there and know we get to celebrate again this month. I have yet to sit down and hammer out the menu but it is similar every year.

  2. Lovely Thanksgiving decor Jennie! :) So did the turkey work out alright?

  3. Trudy - Wow, that's a lot of Thanksgiving dinners you are going to eat! At least they're spread out a little bit. Good luck putting the finishing touches on your menu and I hope it goes off without a hitch.

    Jackie - Thanks! And yes, the turkey was delicious and moist.

  4. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year. Luckily most of my family either lives 8 hours away, or doesn't speak. So it'll be pretty small, 8 people. No clue what's on the menu, probably pretty traditional food, I'm slightly nervous to cook a turkey. Wish me luck!

  5. I love the Be Thankful banner!

  6. love the banner ..In fact, going to suggest it to pastor for our upcoming thanksgiving service

  7. Christina - My first Thanksgiving I hosted was 8 people too. You've totally got this and I'm sure the turkey will turn out great. The trick to a moist turkey, is to keep it really well tented with tinfoil. Good luck!

    Cora - The banner is my favourite. :)

    Bunny - I love the banner too. Jackie even suggested making one for each holiday. :P

  8. I love your Thanksgiving banner! That is super cute!