Friday, November 29, 2013

Chicken Chili - New Recipe #10

This recipe marks #10 in my goal of trying 10 new recipes this year! I'm excited to be able to cross that off my list next.

As you saw from my post on Wednesday, we spent last weekend with Jeff and Tory at their house and we ate good food the whole time. Seriously, Tory outdid herself with fabulous recipes to try and plenty of GF/DF snacks available to me. I was never hungry and it was such a great feeling!

Most of the meals were a joint effort and we all took turns in the kitchen, but we purposefully documented this first meal so that we could officially say we cooked a meal together! After our slightly disappointing "double date" (thanks to Dan and I being sick), it was pretty exciting to get to do this.

The recipe of choice was Gluten-Free Chicken Chili with White Beans, Sweet Potato and Lime from The Gluten-Free Goddess.

We were pretty excited to be together and jumped right in to the prep work while the boys listened to music and took pictures of us. Aren't we cute in our matching aprons?

This meal was surprisingly easy to make, especially with two of us doing it. We cooked the chicken separately but everything else went into the one pot.

The tasty pot of chicken chili was ready in no time and we were excited to sit down to a hearty meal of goodness. Tory also made some cornbread muffins for everyone else and even put in a green chili to give them a bit of a kick.

We didn't make the chili too spicy since I'm not a fan of hot, so Jeff had to use hot sauce on just about every spoonful he ate. Good thing we brought him some tasty local hot sauce!

We were definitely excited to share this meal and many more throughout the weekend.

You should totally make this recipe if you like fabulous one pot meals. It's a nice twist on the classic chili and is definitely a hearty, filling meal. It would be especially good with all this cold weather and snow we're getting!


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