Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Curried Lentils

***Just a small note to say that this is my 400th post ever on my blog! Pretty cool, eh?***

Last February I wrote a blog post about some recipes I had made from the cookbook More-with-Less. I made mention of the Curried Lentils meal that I had tried but didn't give you the recipe or tell you about it.

Well today is your lucky day! We've eaten this meal quite a few times over the last year and it was never a favourite of ours, until I have tweaked it a little to make it tastier. Now, we actually like it a lot more and Dan even says "it's good". Which is a huge improvement over the first time I made it.

I still follow the recipe from the book to make the lentils but instead of just serving it over rice and adding steamed broccoli or some other vegetable to it, I make a small stir fry of mixed veggies. Delicious!

The recipe starts with how to cook your lentils and then there are some different flavour options, but I always choose the curry one so that is the one I am sharing today.

Curried Lentils
Serves 3-4
Recipe by Zona Galle, Madison, Wis.
                Becky Mast, State College, Pa.
               Marian Franz, Washington, D.C.

Bring to a boil and simmer 20 minutes:
    1 c. lentils 
    2 1/2 c. water
    2 beef bouillon cubes
    1 bay leaf
    1 t. salt

Saute together:
   1/4 c. margarine (I use olive oil)
   1 large onion, chopped
   1 clove garlic, minced
   1 t. salt
   1-2 T. curry powder
Fry briefly, add to cooked lentils with:
   2 T. lemon juice
   chopped parsley

Serve over rice. Then top with vegetables of your choice. 

It's a nice and easy meal that tastes pretty darn good if you ask me. Plus, it's cheap!

The key to making it tasty though is the vegetables. If you just eat the curried lentils and rice, it's not the greatest. Unless you're a huge fan of lentils, then go for it.

I usually use whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and so it's rarely the same mix. This time I used carrots, red and yellow peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. It was super good and I thoroughly enjoyed supper on Sunday night, as well as the leftovers.

How do you feel about lentils? Or just vegetarian meals in general? Do you ever eat a meal a couple times before deciding it needs help?


  1. Hi there! Congratulations on your blog award! I enjoy the Honey-baked lentils from the recipe in More with Less. We eat it with rice and cooked Brocolli. I also like putting those lentils on a sandwich with slices of cucumber. Do you have any other recipes from More with Less that you would recommend?

  2. I found a tasty lentil soup recipe that I enjoy. And I love vegetarian meals! :) Last night I made a stir fry of baby bok choy, mizuna and tofu and served it over quinoa--delicious!

    **aside note--you should have a party for the 500th blog post!**

  3. Ellie - I love finding others who also enjoy the More With Less cookbook! I haven't really tried much from it other than the Curried Lentils, Honey-Baked Lentils and Easy Curry. Oh, and some bread. But I do intend on using it more this winter.

    Jackie - I'm so proud of how you have been using up all your vegetables in such creative ways. I'm super impressed. And I totally agree that there should be a party at 500 posts. What kind of a party though?