Friday, November 8, 2013

Garden Bounty 2013

As you probably guessed from all my garden posts and freezing/canning posts this summer, we put a lot of food away in preparation for winter. And today I am sharing with you just how much.

First up, freezers.

Produce from our garden:
  • Green & Yellow Beans - 57 bags
  • Zucchini - 12 (2 cup) & 7 (1 cup) & 2 (peeled) bags
  • Jalapenos - 4 bags
  • Tomatoes - 5 large bags
  • Peppers - 13 1/2 jars
Produce we picked or were given:
  • Peaches - 4 bags
  • Blueberries - 6 bags
  • Apples - 3 bags
  • Pesto - 3 bags

Now onto the cold room!

Preserves from our garden:
  • Bread n' Butter Pickles - 5 jars
  • Pickled Beets - 5 jars

Preserves from produce we picked or was given to us:
  • Strawberry Jam - 11 jars
  • Peach Jam - 8 jars
  • Yellow Plum Jam - 2 jars
  • Red Plum Jam - 4 jars
  • Crabapple Jelly - 7 jars
  • Pears - 6 jars

We also put away potatoes (40 lbs) and onions in the cold room.

So overall, I think we did really well with putting our food away for the winter. Each year, we will hopefully do better and better but for this year, I am proud of us. 


  1. Wow! Go you! Do you know roughly how many hrs of work was put into canning and other preparation? Also, I would like to know what is the reason for hanging the Onions? I have seen this done with Garlic before but I never knew the reason for it.

  2. Erin - I have no idea how many hours it took me to do all the canning. It's definitely time consuming, I'll say that. But for me, it's worth it. Freezing is faster and doesn't take as much prep but canning is a bit trickier. As for hanging the onions, I don't know why. Maybe I'll look into that...

  3. Your hard work really paid off! I'm coming to your house to eat this winter. ;)

  4. Stasy - If you came to my house, I would totally share with you. :D

  5. Wowee! That's impressive Jennie. :) And it reminds me of mom. :)

  6. Jackie - I like being compared to mom. :D

  7. Fantastic! How satisfying to be able to reach into your freezer and cool room and grab a 'free' meal. I know it's a lot of work and preparation but it really is so worth it!

  8. That is really impressive! And I agree, how cool to have a "free" meal, home grown!

  9. Anne - It is a really satisfying feeling and totally worth it. :)

    Kate - Thanks! Nothing like a good home grown meal.

  10. Jenn .. when you were younger, did you sometimes hate having to help with the garden ... the canning ... the pickles ... the freezing? But look at how that was a 'training ground' for what you are able to do now. Lessons were well learned .... and I know that you are discovering so many more ways of doing things ... and able to teach your mother a trick or two.
    I thank you for taking the time to write ... to ponder ... to plan ... to take photos .... to share so much of who you are ... and what you do and experience (complete with liberating and healing transparency).... and who you are becoming (yes, I do see the progression) .. with the rest of the world. I / we are blessed ... and richer for it.
    God bless, Jenny!

  11. Bunny - Thank you. You always know just what to say. And yes, when I was younger I hated helping in the garden or canning or anything really. But I definitely appreciate all that my mom taught me growing up and I'm proud of doing it myself now.

    Furry Gnome - Thanks!