Friday, November 15, 2013

New Haircut

The long awaited haircut finally came and I'm styling my new do. Remember when I posted about the Brides for Breast Cancer event and I told you that I won a $80 gift certificate for a hair salon? Well, I used up some of that gift certificate on Wednesday and I'm feeling especially cute now.

Let's move on to the pictures, since that's all I know you guys want to see. I'm super proud of myself for remembering to take some before shots and so I will share those with you first.

My nice long hair fresh out of the shower, before it went crazy.

My hair always looks good when it's wet but the problem is that once it dries, there is just too much of it.

Yes, I purposefully looked like crap in true "before" fashion
Although I will say this, my hair seemed to be more cooperative the day before I cut it and even had the nerve to look pretty. Do you think it knew that I was planning on chopping it off?

Oh well, it still got chopped. I just couldn't handle it anymore. It was too heavy and would give me headaches if I put it up and just looked crappy if I left it down. And I kept getting it caught in everything and getting pulled by everything. It had to go.

And go it did!

It is so short now! It's a little shorter than I had planned but I'm hoping that I can donate my hair, so we just went with the flow. I'm still researching on whether my ponytail was long enough or not though, so who knows.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fun stage of super cute straight flat hair since now that I showered, it's back to it's crazy normal self. Oh well. There's nothing like the fun feel of a new haircut.

So what do you think? Do you like the short look on me? Or do you prefer the longer?


  1. SUPER cute!!! It looks great on you! (Although the before picture - you're right, your hair looked nice long, and like it was behaving itself =)
    I think you and I have similar hair type, mine is up all.the.time...
    I have to say I think I prefer the short! Can't wait to see what it does with your natural waviness!

  2. Kate - Thanks! I'm definitely loving the short and I think I prefer it too. But then again, I may change my mind in a couple weeks... :P

  3. Very cute miss Jennie! :) I think you look good with both long and short hair...except for that time I cut your hair and it got a little too short!

  4. Jackie - Thanks for loving me no matter my hair length. And ya, that haircut you did wasn't my best look. But you did redeem yourself many years later!

  5. cute!
    I think that Locks of Love will take hair that isn't as long as they want because they sell the short pieces they can't use.

  6. oh wow you have GORGEOUS hair!! I guess u wear it up a lot so I didnt notice. I always get sad when people with awesome hair cut it, but I understand why you did! and you look adorable in the short cut too- very chic and pretty!! I bet your head feels 10 lbs lighter!

  7. It's hard to judge because I've never met you in oerson, but judging from the pictures... Your hair did look good in some of the before pictures. However, I like your new cut the best. It makes you look really healthy, energetic and all grown up and professional looking. Hope it won't be too much work though, because with your long hair you could probably just quickly tie it back or up. Is it still long enough to tie ack now? Anyway, You look great with your new style.

  8. Not that I know anything about hairdos ...... But looks good!

  9. The new cut is very cute on you!!!

  10. Mrs. Lopez - I think you're right about Locks of Love taking shorter hair. I have to keep looking into that and send it off soon.

    Casey - Thanks! I do love my hair but it was just a little too long and was annoying more than anything, so it was time a for a cut. And yes, my head does feel a lot lighter now!

    Shanna - Thanks!

    Ellie - Thank you for the fabulous compliment on my new haircut. :) And no, I can't tie it back anymore which makes me a little sad. Like I said, it's shorter than I was anticipating. But it will grow and I'll be able to tie it up before I know it.

    Furry Gnome - Thank you. :)

    Kristen - Thanks!

  11. I think it's really cute. I wish I cold pull off short hair like that, but my hair is such a big wavy, frizzy mess, I need it long enough to pull back.

  12. Stasy - My hair is kind of a big wavy frizzy mess too... so we'll see how it does!

  13. You already know I love the short--can't wait to see it in PERSON!!! :-)

  14. Tory - I can't wait either! I'll try and make sure it's cute for my arrival. :)