Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Friday

I have decided to name today Random Friday. Mostly because I have nothing specific to blog about and also because it's super weird weather here today. It's is crazy windy, sunny on one side of the house and cloudy on the other, with some weird light precipitation mixed in there. So it makes for a wonky lighting streaming in through the windows.

But it did create a rainbow. When I stuck my head out the door to say bye to Dan, I turned and saw this!

Pretty isn't it? Well it gets even better. Dan just sent me a text with this picture that he took from the end of our road.

Such a great way to start the day. Too bad I then had to come back inside to my mess of a kitchen.

And it was worse last night when we went to bed. Dan was just sweet enough to put away clean dishes and load up the dishwasher this morning. But still, I don't feel like dealing with it all.

Another thing that marks today is that it's the first day of a new month. Welcome November! I can't believe that 2013 is almost over, I totally need to get working on Christmas gifts.

How was everyone's Halloween? We usually stay in a eat candy while carving a pumpkin but this year we decided to mix it up and go to a party!

Escaped convict (that is a key in his mouth)

Dressed in my sari from India
It was fun dressing up and going out but I think I still prefer our normal Halloween tradition. I'm a little hermit like that.

And we totally didn't get around to carving our pumpkin. Sad pumpkin.

Oh well. Sometimes that just happens.

What about you guys? How is your Friday progressing? Any fun Halloween stories? Did you dress up?


  1. Beautiful rainbow! :) It is supposed to be windy in Seattle today too...weird...

    I went to a yoga class last night. :) And don't worry about not having carved your pumpkin. We carved ours on Sunday and they were already growing mold by yesterday. So you can be happy that you still have a healthy pumpkin around!

  2. Jackie - Maybe the whole world is windy today. :P Yoga sounds like a pleasant way of celebrating Halloween. And thanks for making me feel better about my pumpkin, now I can cut it up to eat!

  3. That rainbow is absolutely gorgeous! And for the first year in a long time, we had no pumpkin or pumpkin carving! Just as well, squirrels ate most of them pretty quickly the last couple years..

  4. Ahh Jennie. Some fridays are just like that! I love your Sari, and am glad you went out for Halloween. Also, amazing rainbow shots!!!
    Its really windy and wierd weather here too today. :D
    Halloween for me consisted in getting dressed up for just long enough to have Jacob and Arissa come calling for candy. Haha.
    As for Friday, I am loving this day! Yay for weekends, yay for windy windy weather, and yay for bumping into people unexpectedly!!

  5. Kate - I'm glad that I'm not the only one who didn't carve a pumpkin. Like you said though, at least it didn't go moldy or get eaten by squirrels!

    Cora - Mom told me you dressed up for the kids and I was shocked that you didn't have a big party like last year. But still, good job for getting in costume for Jacob and Arissa. I heard Jaz was pretty sad to have slept through it. And I'm really glad you had a good Friday!

    Mrs. Lopez - I know! I haven't seen one that nice in a while.