Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sugar Pie, Sort of

I am part of a ladies group who meets once a week at our church for a presentation and a Bible study. Last week's presentation was International Food and I was asked to bring something.

My mind pulled a complete blank until I remembered that I was from Quebec and that is basically another country. Right?

A classic Quebec dessert is sugar pie and I was determined to make some for my ladies group. The only problem was, I had never made it before. But there is no time to learn like the present!

I decided to make tarts instead of one big pie because I figured it would be easier to share with a large group. So I made my pastry and put them into muffin tins.

At this point, I had no idea whether I was supposed to cook the shells first or put the filling in them first so I kind of winged it. I was using my sister's recipe except it only had amounts for things, no actual directions on how to make the pie. Which is totally my fault, I didn't copy it down right. Lesson learned.

I decided to cook the shells for 10 minutes to give them a head start before filling them.

Once I pulled them out of the oven, I remembered cooked pastry shrinks so I totally should have made the shells bigger to begin with. Oh well, too late for that. Next up, the filling!

But here's where I went wrong with the filling too. It's supposed to be cooked on the stovetop first until the right consistency. But I had no idea what the "right consistency" was so I kind of overcooked it and it almost turned into a caramel taffy.

But never fear, I got the thick goop into my tart shells and cooked it anyway. According to Dan, they still tasted good. Although he has never had sugar pie so he has nothing to compare it to and I couldn't taste it because it was full of gluten and dairy.

I brought them to the meeting and everyone loved them and told me they were great, so I guess I didn't botch them as much as I had thought. 

I was planning on sharing the recipe with you but I think I will wait until I get the proper one and actually make successful sugar pie. But I will do my best to do a follow up post for you guys in case you want to try it yourself.

Have you ever had sugar pie? Heard of sugar pie? Made sugar pie?


  1. I have definitely heard of it, my family is all from northern Ontario on the border of Quebec, so that and sucre creme are staples there!
    A great attempt and I am glad the ladies still liked them!

    I have never tried making it, it is way too sweet for me!

  2. Megan - I agree that it is really sweet, it needs to be eaten in small quantities. Have you ever had maple dumplings?

  3. It's hard to botch a dessert. :) Glad the ladies liked them!

  4. Are these similar to a butter tart?? They look yummy!

  5. Jackie - Very true, especially when sugar is involved!

    Marlee - I guess they are similar to butter tarts, but a little different at the same time.

  6. Never heard of it, but it looks yummy! I hope you do share the recipe soon. :)

  7. Stasy - I'll try my best to get the right recipe and try them again. Then you can give them a try yourself. :)

  8. LOL..."Quebec is basically another country." Good one. :-)

    I had never heard of sugar pie before this post, but your version looks oh so good!

  9. artistmouse - Quebec is pretty different than all the other provinces. :P And you should totally try some sugar pie if you get the chance!

  10. never had them ... yet because I'll be back to Quebec so ..... but know that anything with maple syrup is delicious!!! How well I remember the maple dumplings .... and other items. My mouth is watering right now ... but .... nothing to satisfy along this line ... which could possibly be a good thing, eh?

  11. Bunny - Next time you're at Loomisland, get Stacey to make you a sugar pie. My mouth is watering too, if only I could make some tasty gluten-free maple dumplings!