Friday, December 6, 2013

Deck the Porch

It's that wonderful time of the year again! When snow comes, Christmas music is on and everyone is feeling festive.

This is from early last week
This year, my festiveness spilled over onto my front porch. For years now, I've been begging Dan to let us get outdoor lights for the front of the house and he finally caved last year when the lights were on sale after Christmas. So this year was the first year we could put them up!

But before putting the lights up, I decided the front porch needed a little bit more help, since it was looking pretty drab.

The hanging baskets were looking pretty bare since all the summer flowers died and I knew of a great way to make them look a little nicer using all free materials!

So with some leftover branches from our Christmas tree (more on that next week) and a few more pine and cedar branches from some trees along our property line, I made some pretty Christmasy boxes.

It was a quick and easy thing to do and I think it really adds to the front of our house. Once we had the Christmas lights wrapped around the railings, it was looking good!

I'm going to try and capture our house at night when you can actually see the lights but for now, this is all I've got. Aren't Mia and I cute though?

How are your Christmas decorations coming along? Do you do anything to the outside of your house/apartment/condo? 


  1. Jealous of the snow! And I like your front porch decor. :) The extent of my decorating is a little something on our front door and a few random decorations inside. Maybe this will be a year to get some lights...

  2. Jackie - The snow was so beautiful, but it's all melted now. :( You should totally get some lights this year, they really do add to the festive-ness. Do you guys have a tree?

  3. It looks lovely - and I can't wait to see the lights! We don't do much decorating outside our house - it's all inside. Or it will be when i finally get around to decorating! The downside of having Christmas in summer is that there are so many other things going on with us - making hay and silage, preparing for the cherry and apple harvests etc. I would love a winter Christmas!

  4. Furry Gnome - I'll try and get a picture of them this weekend for you. :)

    Anne - I can't imagine getting ready for Christmas in the middle of summer. And I agree, summer is so busy it must be hard to take time off to get into the Christmas spirit.

  5. Looks good!
    We have a small sound/light show which is a lot of fun. I don't do too much indoor decorating though.