Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Finale

This will be my last post in the Thrifty Thursday series. I have enjoyed sharing my money saving tips for the past 10 weeks and I hope you have learned a thing or two from them.

I'm going to finish off the series by sharing some final advice. Money isn't everything and you should not focus your entire life on making it or spending it. Money can easily become your idol and before you know it everything is wrapped up in money.

Be wise with the money you do have, spending it carefully. Save for rainy days, don't blow all your cash on frivolous things, stay out of debt, think before you spend. Don't hoard your money, use it for fun and for good. Donate to charities, give to your church, visit family, go on vacations.

But remember that you are lucky to have money, food in your fridge and a warm house to live in. Appreciate what you have.

And so ends Thrifty Thursday.

What topic would you like me to discuss next? I'm thinking something to do with food... thoughts?


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  1. Foodie Fridays! ;)

    I have enjoyed Thrifty Thursdays, Jennie!!

  2. Foodie Fridays sounds good!
    I've also enjoyed Thrifty Thursdays and am looking forward to whatever creative categories you come up with. :)

  3. Maddie - I'm glad you enjoyed my series, although I'm sure you know most of my tips. :) And I like the idea of Foodie Fridays!

    Jackie - You're one of my most loving fans. ;) Glad you enjoyed my mini series on money!

  4. I've enjoyed Thrifty Thursdays too! I'm not the most thrifty person so i need some reminders occasionally. I agree with you when you say money isn't everything. Recently we've had a few financial problems and one day I started thinking how fantastic it would be to win the lottery and get rid of all the money worries. THEN I thought - even If I had all the money I wanted I still could not be happy if any one of those I love was seriously ill or something. I was reminded that our loved ones are far more important than any amount of money.

  5. Anne - I'm glad that I could help remind you to be thrifty sometimes. But it's very true that we need to remember to be thankful for friends and family, because they are more important than money ever is.