Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Frame for the Gallery Wall

I got a very special gift this year for Christmas from my sister Cora. It totally made me cry when I opened it but I love it and wanted to share it with you all.

She added some super sweet personal touches to it, like the J C D D underneath the quote and the buttons on the frame. The J C D D are the initials of our four babies and the buttons represent each of them, with the twins in the upper left corner. Like I said, I cried when I opened it.

I decided to add the frame to my mini gallery wall that we put up last March, since it matched the colours there nicely and was easy to add in. Except it wasn't as easy to add in as we had originally thought since the back of the frame didn't have any hooks. But with some tweaking and some patience, Dan had it hanging nicely in no time at all.

I really like it there, especially since it's so central and I pass it on a daily basis. It's a nice reminder that people do care and still remember our babies.

I tried really hard to capture the wall accurately but it was hard with the light coming in from the living room windows.

And it's also hard because of it's location. You can't get very far from it unless you balance over the stairs, with one leg on either side. Which is totally what I was doing in the above picture. See my shadow? Ya, I'm cool like that.

I have a lot of small house projects planned for the next couple of months that I'm excited to get working on so that I can show them off to you all. I think that the new year is getting me motivated to work on all the things that I've been thinking about doing but putting off.

Has anyone else been working on any house decorating lately? Even if it's something small like adding a frame into a gallery wall, I want to hear about it!


  1. One of our very favourite kids books. Bob Munsch was a parent at our kids' school, so we heard him read in person.

  2. I love that book ... and what Cora did for you with the words. Jenn and Dan, we remember ... but don't always know how to express our thoughts to you. But you are lifted before His throne ....

  3. What a sweet sister you have, and I think you found a good place for it.
    Kevin and I have been doing apartment rearranging lately. The extent of my decorating was putting up a small knitted banner that I made for nugget.

  4. I think that is a perfect place for it. We saw this book today and I mentioned to Nick that it was a great book, and she displayed it perfectly to represent such a meaningful thing. I need to work on a few projects, I still have the same empty picture frame over my table...

  5. Furry Gnome - I have a lot of his books and they are definitely favourites of ours. But that one is special. It must have been cool to listen to him read his own books!

    Bunny - Thank you. I know a lot of people do remember and just don't know how to express it. Cora did an amazing job though.

    Jackie - Yes, I do have a pretty good sister. :D And I LOVE your banner you made for Nugget.

    Kristy - You really do need to fill that frame, empty frames just won't do.

  6. Nice post Jennie! I am glad that my goal (letting you know how much I care) has been attained. :)

  7. that frame is so awesome, and I LOVE that quote from that book... the buttons, the initials - your sister made a great gift.

  8. Cora - It was the perfect gift. Thank you.

    Kate - It really is a great gift and she did a really good job with it. And I LOVE that quote too. :)