Monday, January 20, 2014

Book Review: Before I Wake by Dee Henderson

I am well on my way to my goal of 20 books this year. It's only the fourth week of January and I'm already on to my 4th book. I wanted to get a good head start since I know that once summer comes, I won't be reading quite as much.

I've been on a Dee Henderson kick lately and am just starting the third book of hers this year. I started off last year the same way and read three of her books in January as well. Maybe it's a new tradition?

Anyways, the first one of hers I picked up this year was Before I Wake and I was excited to read it.

The sheriff of Justice, Illinois, is hunting a killer. Women visiting town are being murdered, tourists in nice hotels, money still in their billfolds, jewelry still on the dresser. Quiet kills—they go to sleep and never awaken. The sheriff is not pleased to find the new detective in town, Rae Gabriella, working the case on behalf of one of the families. She's staying in the same hotel as one of the victims—and her looks suggest she could be the next victim.

Doesn't that sound like it will be good?

The writing style is very similar to her previous books but I also felt like she had improved. She has a way of getting you completely wrapped up into the plot and I was unable to put it down once I had started it. There is a bit of a love triangle going on as well as murders and intrigue. I was hooked and couldn't wait until the end to find out who did what and which guy she would choose.

But then it ended and none of my questions were answered. You never found out who the bad guy was and you never found out which guy she chose. It just ended.

Talk about disappointment. I was very let down and surprised that an author that I like so much, ended a book so badly. It just didn't leave you feeling satisfied. And there is no second book to give you any more answers, that was it.

So while I love Dee Henderson and still plan on continuing to read all of her other books, I honestly can't recommend this one. It's not worth it.

Don't worry though, I will be sharing some good reviews soon as I am plowing through more of her books at a good speed. 

Have any of you read her books? How do you feel about her? Have you read this particular one?

Who is our favourite author? What are you currently reading or plan to read soon?


  1. Patricia Cornwell is a really good author as well. She writes about a Medical Examiner and cop story lines. I have probably 20 or so of her books downloaded but only read 3 so far, all good.

  2. I remember reading the O'Malley series in highschool :) I always enjoyed her writing.

  3. Anna - I will check out that author and see if I can find any of her books at the library. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Kristy - I read the O'Malley series in highschool to, it must be a teenager thing. :P

  4. It was probably you who recommended it to me ;)