Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple Pleasures - January 2014

I missed doing Simple Pleasures back in December due to the craziness of that month, so it felt nice to get back to it this month. Although I do admit, I struggled with it this week. It was our first week back to "normal" and I didn't deal with it as well as I had hoped. For some reason, slowing down and being able to think again didn't help my emotions much.

But I succeeded in finding six simple pleasures from this last week and I am here to share them with you today.

Monday: New books from Value Village (I actually bought 20 but only gave you a sampling)
Tuesday: My awesome menu board that my sister-in-law Tara made me for Christmas

Wednesday: The new book I read last week

Thursday: Mia and I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine
Saturday: Bought apples and garlic from the local Farmer's Market

Sunday: Dan and I have started reading this book together in the evenings
So there you have it. The things that made me smile this past week. Do you ever try and find simple pleasures in each day, especially when you're going through a rough time? It really does help you to see the good in things.


  1. You are right when you say it really does help you to see the good in things! Its not always easy, but you feel so much better when you stop for a few mins and think of the good.
    P.S. James Herriot books are the best!

  2. Erin - Thinking of the good usually makes hard times easier. And I've never read any James Herriot books, so we are definitely enjoying this one!

  3. I must read James Herriot again. He stories formed a TV program years ago that was so sweet.
    Are you thankful for the warm temperatures and sunshine today? The combination has lifted me out of my funk.

  4. Karen - A friend just told me about the TV program, I had no idea. And yes, I am enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps!

  5. how blessed you are to be able to go and so easily get used books for your collection! I saw it last summer ... and it is impressive. To get bargains in books ... used, of course, I must go into Singapore. All are collected in one old shopping complex ... 5 floors ... and I could spend the day there exploring. Have only spent several hours ... but enjoyed every second ... even though lugging the books back to Malaysia was hard work.
    Thanks for sharing these simple pleasures, Jenn, for it reminds me to look at these things in life ... and not just the big things .. often challenges. Today .... I enjoyed an hard and crisp Granny Smith apple ... simple but delicious

  6. Bunny - Wow, that is quite the bit of work you need to do just to get used books! And 5 floors of books, that sounds amazing! And very time consuming. Apples, especially crisp ones, are definitely a simple pleasure of life. :)