Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Guestroom...

So for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may remember me posting about painting the ceiling in the guestroom and saying I hoped to do a 'big reveal' in January. Well, that isn't going to happen.

In early December, we were on a roll with the renovations and our timeline was being met. I finished painting the ceiling and we were ready to move onto the walls.

And then we got the call that my Dad was dying and we rushed to Quebec. The guestroom was put on hold (obviously) for a couple of weeks.

When we arrived back home right before Christmas, we put a huge rush on things so that the room would at least be semi finished and we could put the bed back in there. My sister and her family were coming for New Years and it we needed that room usable.

Miraculously, we finished it all in time. And boy did it feel good. I was thrilled with how it looked and couldn't wait to put the finishing touches on everything, mostly in the decorating.

My sister came, loved the room, left and we were about to start on some other small projects to complete before doing a big reveal when we discovered water. Again. The whole point to the huge makeover was because there was water and we discovered mold in there. So we basically gutted half the room and started over.

So now the guestroom looks like this.

And it will probably look that way for a while.

It's just so sad and discouraging. We thought we had figured out the problem but I guess not. So now we are going to have to dig down outside and reseal that part of the foundation which will hopefully fix it. If not, who knows what our next steps will be. Cry and then just move?

Anyone else ever been excited to finish something only to have it all fall apart in front of you? Any leaky basements out there?


  1. Oh no, that is terrible! Dan should call my dad - they had the same issue and they redug around their ENTIRE house and sealed all the walls - Dad may still have supplies left, or Dan could talk to Dad about it, as Dad did it all by himself (except for the digging part, he had someone with a Bobcat come and do that!).

  2. Vicky - It is terrible and oh so sad. But I will for sure tell Dan to talk to your Dad, since he has experience in this.

  3. I'm sorry. :( I hate when stuff like that happens.

    Not quite on the same scale, but when we bought this house, I was so excited because the master bath has a big whirlpool tub. Got in and it wouldn't start (even though it did when we did the inspection.) We took the front piece off and discovered the wires had disconnected. Reconnected only to discover that the pipes leaked. Fixed the pipes and now the motor is burned out. I know it's just a tub, but damn it! I want a nice whirlpool bath.

  4. Oh yes, we've been there. Had a contractor who cheated us and left us a whole raft of problems, while he left town! Grrrrrr... Sorry about your basement. Whatever else you do, be sure the ground outside that area slants away from the house for at least 3 or 4 feet. Good luck.

  5. Stasy - That totally sucks about your tub. We always expect our houses to be in good condition when we buy them, but that is rarely the case. You should come visit us, we have a nice tub that I don't even like!

    Furry Gnome - I feel like a lot of people have "been there" which totally sucks. Why is this such a common thing? And I'm so sorry that you had a bad contractor who cheated you! Way to make a crappy situation even worse. Thanks for the tip about slanting the ground away from the house, we'll be sure to look into doing that.