Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Those Darn Scales

I figured it was probably time for another weight check, although it's mostly to let you know that I'm not doing that great. It's so frustrating to be constantly fighting to keep on the pounds and so discouraging when it doesn't work.

From my last post that I wrote about my weight, I told you all that I was sitting at a respectful 113lbs. That was in November though and now it is January. Right now, I'm sitting at 110lbs. I know three pounds may not seem like much to some people, but to me it's a huge deal.

I lost 4lbs around Dad's death and funeral and am really having a hard time gaining it back. Such is life I guess and the only thing I can do is keep trying. I ate almost an entire bag of Miss Vickie's chips last night to help me along...

Anyone else have any weight goals this year? How are you doing with them so far? I know that January is a month of resolutions and trying our best to meet them.


  1. It is crazy how you can lose 4 lbs so fast when you are already so small! I am trying to lose a few but I think my scale is broken :)

    It must be hard with no gluten or dairy too! Have you tried a dietician to work on a method of eating more and eating higher fat foods? Maybe work some nuts into the ol snack routine??

  2. Casey - It is frustrating how fast I can lose the weight after fighting so long to put it on. :( Nuts aren't my favourite food ever but I should definitely try and sneak them into my snacks more often, as well as avocados. My sister is a dietician and gives me good tips. What I really need is someone force feeding me. :P

  3. I struggle with the opposite. With my pcos it is really easy to put on weight and really difficult to lose. I can eat healthy and exercise for a long time and won't lose a pound. It is very discouraging. I had finally lost 30lbs this summer and I have put it all back on. I am trying hard to commit to healthy eating again and will be doing a 21 day lifestyle challenge that my chiropractor is putting on which should be helpful. Katie

  4. Katie - I hate how weight is such a struggle for so many people, whether it's losing or gaining. And with your PCOS, it makes it that much harder. I hope that you 21 day lifestyle challenge goes well and that you are feeling better by the end of it. :)

  5. I'm sorry, Jenn. I know you've fought to gain those pounds.

    Here's hoping we both meet our weight goals this year!

  6. Stasy - Thanks for the sympathy, it just sucks. And yes, I hope we both reach our goal weights this year! We still have 11 months to go, we can do it!