Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vampire Appointment (A.K.A. Fertility Testing)

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday, but I have a good excuse. I was off in Toronto getting all the blood removed from my body.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Yesterday was our very first appointment at the fertility clinic and we have officially started down the road of testing to figure out why the heck my body can't keep a pregnancy. This first appointment was pretty basic, starting off with a quick physical exam and then going over our fertility history. But it ended with a bang.

And that bang would be me hitting the floor. Well, not actually but I came very close. You see, they need to test for a bunch of different things and in order to do so, they needed a lot of blood. Eighteen vials to be exact. <----- Yes you read that right.

They did it in two sessions and I did really well with the first 10, only getting a little dizzy and just resting for a minute while drinking some orange juice. But then when the next 8 happened, I nearly passed out. Like full out dizzy, world spinning, ringing in the ears, head between the knees and cold compresses on the neck and face. They then moved me to a bed where I proceeded to curl up and cry. It kind of really sucked.

It wasn't the pain, just the fact that my body is too small to give that much blood. Or I'm a wimp.

Dan was awesome though and held my hand and told me I was brave and that he loved me. Good thing I had him with me or else it may have gone a lot worse.

After the appointment, I was rewarded with some yummy New York Fries. Except I ate them all before thinking of taking a picture so here's me with an empty cup.

Our next steps are some more blood work (for both Dan and I) and I need to schedule a sonohysterogram. Once these tests are complete, we'll head back to the clinic for our follow up appointment on March 24th, where we will hopefully get some results and put a plan in place.

That about sums up our appointment, so now I can tell you about the exciting time BEFORE we ever got there.

Our original appointment date was February 26th but I was put on the cancellation list for an earlier one if possible. I got a phone call Tuesday morning asking if I would be able to come in on Wednesday at 8:45am. Of course I said yes. Unfortunately, we are about an hour and 45 minutes from the clinic and once you add in rush hour traffic, it takes almost twice as long. So we got up bright and early and were out the door by 6:00am. At about 7:00am, we got rear ended on the highway. Fun stuff.

That was about a 20 minute delay of talking with the police and exchanging insurance information, which put our arrival time a little later than I had planned. Needless to say, I was a little stressed the rest of the way. But all is good, we got there only a few minutes late, had a successful appointment and our car had no damage. Talk about a busy morning!

Now that you've heard my excuse for missing a post yesterday, do you forgive me?


  1. I hope they figure something out soon! I have a friend going through similar problems and she first had a doctor who dismissed her, but now she has a great one- I hope yours in great too!!

    PS- you come to Toronto and dont visit me? for shame :)

  2. I love the title of the post! :-) You were very brave and Dan was an A+ supporter--and the SHG is going to be a piece of (delicious, GF, DF) cake!

  3. Casey - I'm really hoping I like this doctor too, I've heard mixed reviews on him. But at least if I do decide to change doctors, all the testing should be transferable. And yes, I visited Toronto and didn't visit you. :P But honestly, I wouldn't have been very good company yesterday anyways. And don't you work during the day?

    Tory - I got the title idea from uneek. :P I totally think I should make myself some delicious GF/DF chocolate cake for after my SHG! Thanks for the idea.

  4. You are in great hands at Mount Sinai! I'll be praying for you and Dan as you go through this process. *Hugs*

  5. I was reading through this thinking "wait, her appt isn't until Feb", and then I got to the end!

    I am glad you were able to get in earlier, and mostly on time after an eventful drive in. Hopefully that it the last blood draw you will have to have for a while, 18 vials is a lot (and totally blows my record out of the water!)

  6. Hope the road you're going down works out well for you.

  7. Artistmouse - We're actually not seeing a doctor at Mount Sinai, we just went there for the second round of bloodwork so that it would be covered by OHIP. I appreciate the prayers and hugs. :)

    Megan - I'm really hoping that the next round of bloodwork next cycle is more like 3 vials, I'm not sure how much more my body can handle.

    Furry Gnome - Thank you. :)

  8. While I'm sorry you've come to this point, I am glad that you might be getting some answers soon.

    You are NOT a wimp. My great big 6'4" husband passes out with just a needle stick, forget taking blood. He's a wimp. They drained you like a car getting an oil change.

  9. What a day! Glad y'all weren't hurt in the accident and so glad Dan was there supporting you during that hellish blood draw! But I'm also so, so, so, sooooooo glad that you're on the road to answers!!! Praying for good news that leads to your take home baby very soon!

  10. Stasy - What is it about men? Dan doesn't do needles well either and very often passes out. And I love the analogy of me being drained like a car in an oil change, it gave me a chuckle. :)

    Katharine - Thank you! I was so glad Dan was with me, it would have been horrible alone. Thanks for the prayers, we're really hoping we get some answers too.

  11. I'm glad you guys were okay after the accident and I'm happy you were able to get into an earlier appointment. I hope you get some answers soon.

  12. Mrs. Lopez - Thank you. Everything seems to be working out so far so I'm hoping that's a sign of things to come.