Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cute Labels in the Pantry

I am a huge fan of Classico pasta sauce and admittedly buy too much of it. While I love homemade spaghetti sauce and plan on sharing my recipe with you sometime in March, occasionally I am just too lazy to make it and want the option of grabbing a jar of sauce out of my pantry. Since there are so few "quick" meals that I can make being gluten/dairy/corn free, pasta and sauce is a life saver.

I always save my jars though, since they are glass and can be reused into something wonderful one day. My only problem is actually reusing them. I tend to jam them all into a kitchen cupboard and forget about them.

I have a large collection of empties going on right now.

Oh and peanut butter jars, all the green lid jars are peanut butter ones. I guess I like peanut butter and Classico sauce a lot.

I finally decided to put all these jars to work and have been busy finding new uses for them. I have frozen my last couple batches of chicken broth in them and have been storing more dried goods in them as well.

But yesterday I decided that I needed a little more organization and consistency in my pantry, so I pulled out some jars and boxes and got to work.

Much better, right?

But in order to make it even easier to find things quickly, I thought I would make some cute labels for the tops of the jars. I found my inspiration from Pinterest and got right to work on this super easy craft.

A fabulously quick and easy craft that improves things drastically!

All you need is some chalkboard spray paint, mason jar lids and chalk. I did two coats of spray paint on the lids and then let them air out for a few days. ***Disclaimer: Dan did all the painting for this job, so the previous sentence should have read "Dan did two coats of spray paint...". He thought it was necessary for me to edit this post to clarify, in case people were going to give me all the credit.*** Be sure to wash them first before putting them on your jars.

I'm really happy with how well these turned out and am delighted with how much nicer my pantry looks now.

Anyone else do any organizational projects this past weekend? Or any small crafts? Do share, I love to hear what my readers are up to.


  1. I save the peanut butter jars too, but use them in the workshop - currently the messiest spot around! But it's in the garage, so too cold to tidy it this time of year. Winter is for organizing my photos on the computer. Currently working on one of my big goals, my first Blurb book.

  2. Awesome organization! :) I like the chalkboard paint label idea. :) We have peanut butter jars a plenty too, I put my homemade yogurt in them. And use pasta jars to freeze broth as well.

    I haven't started any small crafts yet, but have the pattern printed and the needles and yarn out for a hat to knit!

  3. Furry Gnome - Using the peanut butter jars in your workshop is such a good idea! I totally should be organizing photos on my computer too, but haven't yet. What's a Blurb book?

    Jackie - You're so talented, making homemade yogurt. :) I don't know why I never thought of using the jars to freeze broth before, it works so well and is better than the plastic I used to use. I can't wait for you to finish (or start) that hat, it will be so cute!