Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Bird Feeder

Last year we had a bird feeder hanging on our front porch during the winter months and while we enjoyed seeing the birds on a daily basis, we couldn't quite justify the cost of bird seed for another winter. So this year, we opted not to put it out.

Then as a Christmas gift from a friend, I received a DIY bird feeder package, complete with everything I'd need to make it and detailed instructions. Talk about an awesome gift! It just took me a while to actually make it. But don't you worry, this was the week. I guess I was just in a DIY mood, with all the other awesome things I have completed lately.

So here is how you make this fun little bird feeder. Take a wooden wreath and drizzle liquid honey all over it.

Beware though, you will most definitely get sticky during this part, no matter how hard you try not too. It's just inevitable when it comes to dealing with honey.

Once the wreath is nice and sticky, carefully pour a bird seed mix onto it.

Be sure to have your wreath on a plate before doing this, since you will probably make a mess with all the seed.

Then all you have to do is tie twine to it and hang it wherever you want!

Pretty isn't it? I like how it's just kind of simple and whimsical. We chose the front porch again for the bird feeder, since it's a nice protected spot and is right in front of the living room window, for maximum bird viewing pleasure.

Have you ever made a bird feeder? I always thought they were too complicated, but after making this one, I have changed my mind!


  1. How very fun! The last bird feeder I made was in grade 2 with Pioneer Clubs...

  2. Jackie - That as probably the last bird feeder I made too. :P