Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Kitchen Hand Towels

Some of you may have noticed that over the past (almost) three years, there have been the same hand towels in the kitchen.

See the cute green and red one hanging off the stove? That is one of the two that I own and both of them are Christmas themed. I'm just that cool.

My sister Cora made them for me a long time ago and they are my absolute favourite hand towels, so I have used them until they are basically dead. I've had every intention of making new ones for at least a year but never got around to it.

Well last month I finally went out and bought four new hand towels. They then sat on the shelf in my laundry room until this week, when I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. Out came the pattern I found on Pinterest, my bag of material scraps and my sewing machine.

I thought to myself thought I "this will be easy and quick". I thought wrong.

The measuring and cutting went fast but the sewing, not so much. Turns out, I couldn't even remember how to use my sewing machine. I had to bring out the manual! I really should try and sew more often or else I will never improve my skills.

I meant to take pictures of more of the steps but I got so annoyed with everything that I kind of forgot. Oops. But seriously, I was ready to throw the machine out the window.

I only completed one towel this week, since I seem to have misplaced my button collection. I also made this first one crooked, as you can see in the above photo, the towel doesn't line up along the bottom. Oh, and I butchered the button hole. But by the time I got to that point, I didn't care what it looked like.

The good news? I didn't give up and I now have a new hand towel! It may not be the best looking or that well sewn, but I made it and I am proud of myself for finishing it.

I made three more hand towels that are just missing the button (and button hole) but like I said, I can't finish them until I either find my button collection or buy some new ones.

Overall, I would call this project a success.

Anyone else sew anything lately? What are some good beginner projects that I can do to work on my sewing skills? Any words of encouragement?


  1. You did far better than you let on. I love your new hand towels!

  2. I love these! and buttons are HARD! I need to practice them like 10 times and I still manage to screw up the actual item I am sewing!

  3. Kristy - Thanks. They do look worse in real life though. :P

    Casey - I'm glad to know that others think buttons are hard too! I've never done a button hole before and I'd be happy to never do one again.

  4. Impressive! I just don't sew...

  5. Jackie - Thanks! I'm thinking I might just stay with knitting. But I would like to work on my sewing skills.

  6. That's a project that could make some people who don't sew much quit - way to go! I love making something useful for early projects. That way, even if they don't turn out quite like you expect, hopefully you can at least get use out of them. Plus, if you sew/make something you'll like, it's much easier to be motivated to finish it than if you're making something that's just an easy beginner project that you don't care about. And any practice is good practice. That's my strategy, anyway! And it's what I'm doing as I try to teach myself to knit.

  7. Kristen - You're right, at least I made something useful. I'm pretty sure if it was just something "pretty" I wouldn't have actually finished it. What are you knitting?