Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February in Ontario

I am going to share some pictures of the outdoors today! I know it's been a while, since I tend to hibernate during the winter and snap very few pictures of anything outside of my house, so I thought it would be a good a time as any.

I'm feeling a little let down about my blog posts lined up for this week, since last week was so awesome. It's my fault for being too crafty all at once and then making the mistake of sharing it all with you in the same week. So I apologize for my less exciting posts this week.

But then again, this post may be exciting for my followers who live in areas that don't get any (or much) snow!

We have pathways shoveled to the compost and hen house
Last week on Facebook, I had a couple friends post about how excited they were to be getting snow that stays on the ground. I wish I could trade places with them right now.

We haven't had this much snow in one winter in a long time. Last winter we would get snow and then it would melt, we'd get snow and then it would melt, etc. At least it's pretty, right?

The chicken run has a roof now!
I know I shouldn't really complain. I love that we have four seasons here, I really do. I also know that some people have it way worse than us, people who live farther North. But gosh am I sick of all this snow.

Mia's pathways in the snow
Oh and did I mention that we are supposed to get more this week? Yup, the weather forecast is calling for more snow.

But despite all this white stuff surrounding me, I am happy. I have a cozy house where I can sit by the fire and look out at all the sparkling snow. Not to mention, yesterday it was nice and sunny, which makes everything better.

I am ready for Spring though. Is it April yet?

What's the weather like where you are? Snow, sun, ice, grass, beaches, igloos?


  1. Annnnndddd it's dumping snow on us again as I read this.... I at least want it to be March 29th!!!

  2. Vicky - I know. :( I am seriously ready for some warmer weather. But I totally agree that I wish it were March 29th!

  3. You know its bad when the snow blowers can no longer blow the snow over the banks!

  4. Kristy- I agree! We don't have a snow blower so we need to shovel all by hand. :(

  5. wow! look at all that white stuff!

  6. I am SO ready for the snow to end - and I usually love winter, being a snowboarder!

  7. Hi Jenn .. and others .... from hot and sunny Malaysia. We're experiencing a dry time now ... as usually happens around Chinese New Year. But during the holiday time, while I was north in Perak at parent's home, it was chilly at night .... actually fell to 19C which for us is extremely cold. As I've previously said to you, Jenn, our normal evening low is 25C so when it was dropping to 23C at night here in Johor, many were complaining about the cold. All relative, isn't it? Our daytime temps average 32-33 which is okay with me ... because much like a cat, I love the heat!
    I've been watching the Internet and see you've had a brutal winter. Though the snow is beautiful, the other aspects aren't. I've enjoyed .... from here ..... so grateful that I'm not experiencing the cold like you are.
    Soon spring will arrive ... with all its beauty ... and challenges as after winter cleanup begins ... gardening ... and yes, some of you will be complaining about the heat.
    Enjoy .... each moment ....

  8. Jackie - Do you miss it?

    Kate - I've never liked winter so this one is brutal. Spring, where are you?

    Bunny - I would hate it in Malaysia! While I hate the cold, I also hate extreme heat. So I'll stay here in Canada with my seasons. :)

  9. Well I'm sorry, but I love winter, the more snow the better! And we have lots! You need to take up cross-country skiing or something so you can enjoy it. Hope you can survive til spring.

  10. Furry Gnome - I know you love winter! Your blog definitely shows it. :) I just can't handle the cold. I get chilled walking to the car. I guess I don't have enough fat on my bones to keep me warm.