Friday, February 28, 2014

Foodie Friday - Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate? I mean, I know there are a few of you out there but I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the population is like me and thinks chocolate is one of the best things ever created. Seriously.

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, how can you go wrong? Don't you just want to gobble it all up?

Okay, enough with the chocolate love, time to tell you about how I made that fabulous cake up there. The other day, I was cruising along on Facebook (I know, not Pinterest!) and I came across an amazing picture of an amazing looking cake that I just wanted to smash my face into immediately. If you click on this link and look at the pictures, you'll know exactly what I mean. I'll wait while you check it out.

Now that you have looked at her fabulous pictures and are salivating for that cake, I'll share my experience of making said cake. Warning, it looked nothing like hers. I hate how everything I ever make never looks like the original bloggers. It's no fair.

This cake was pretty easy to make, but did take some ahead of time thought since you had to refrigerate the coconut milk and make the quinoa and icing beforehand. But as far as putting ingredients together, easy peasy. Half of them go in the food processor and the other half in a bowl, then mix together.

You don't even have to grease any pans, just line them with parchment paper. I hate greasing pans so this suggestion was a win in my books.

I LOVE the fact that there is no flour in this cake, which makes the whole gluten-free thing so much easier. Not to mention how little work it is to make it dairy-free too. And if the idea of quinoa in a cake turns you off, get over it. You don't even taste the quinoa so you won't know it's there. In fact, I regret telling some people what was in the cake since they then decided there was no way they were going to taste it. But I do have a friend who dislikes quinoa and still totally liked the cake. It's that good and that non-quinoa tasting. Chocolate my friends, makes everything better.

The whole cake making progress was going so smoothly and I was beginning to feel quite good about myself, until I got to the icing. I followed her directions exactly but my icing looked nothing like hers. In fact, it looked the exact oppposite.

Hers was smooth and silky, mine looked like wannabe truffles. Maybe I refrigerated it for too long? Or maybe because my chocolate was bittersweet instead of semisweet? Who knows what it was, all I know is that my icing was disappointing compared to hers. I ended up adding a couple splashes of almond milk to it so that it turned into a consistency that was at least spreadable.

Sorry for the horrible lighting in the above picture, we had lost all natural light and ended up having to use the flash which made the cake look an unnatural light brown. I just wanted to share with you how nice the cake looked when it was all in once piece, since by the next afternoon it looked like this.

Ya, it was that good.

Granted, we did share it with friends so Dan and I didn't eat the entire thing by ourselves. Although we probably could have if we really wanted to.

Looking at that picture makes me sad that the cake is all gone. Yes, we ate it all in less than two days and I totally don't regret it. I will for sure be making this cake again, although I'll be tweaking things as I go along. I'm going to try using semisweet chocolate next time for the icing, since Dan wasn't a huge fan of how bitter this one was. I also want to try and make the icing look more like hers, since that one looks so good!

All in all though, this recipe was a total win and I am so glad I made it. I now have a go to chocolate cake recipe that is sure to be a hit no matter where I serve it.

Anyone else baking delicious goodies lately? What's your favourite chocolate dessert? Are you skeptical of the quinoa in this recipe or are you game for trying new things? If you do give this cake a try, please let me know how it turns out for you!


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  1. I think your cake looks amazing!! Im supposed to be on a diet though so stop shoving delicious cake in my face :)

  2. Casey - There's quinoa in it, that must make it healthy right?

  3. I made a chocolate cake last summer that had blueberries in it, I wonder if we could add blueberries to this recipe to make it even healthier! :)

    Looks delicious Jennie! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jackie - If you try the blueberries in it, let me know. :)