Wednesday, February 19, 2014

House Tour!

Earlier this month, I showed off some gorgeous sketches of our house layout, to give you a better idea of where things are in our house.

I then promised to do a house tour video before the year was up. Well I did it before the month was up! Are you impressed or what? I kept wanting to wait until our house was perfect, but since that is never going to happen, I figured why not do it now.

I filmed it in two steps, the first video is of the main floor and the second one is of the basement. Before you watch them though, remember that filming is not my strong suit, so it is a little bumpy in some places and dizzying in others. I hope to improve with time though, so maybe next years house tour will be better!

Oh and excuse all the sniffling, I have a cold.

So there you have it, house tour 2014. What did you think? Too dizzying to watch? Annoyed with my sniffling? Feel like you now live with us?


  1. Love it! :) Not too dizzying, and I totally wouldn't have noticed your sniffling if you hadn't mentioned it. Your house is so clean!! :)

  2. Jackie - I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I totally shouldn't have mentioned the sniffling if you didn't notice it, but it was the first thing that jumped out at me while watching it.

  3. Enjoyed your tour. Really strange to actually hear your voice, makes the blog more personal. Nice room in the basement; I wish we had a wood stove.

  4. Furry Gnome - I posted a video on my Facebook page and had a lot of people tell me they enjoyed putting a voice to me. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour and I'm with you, the basement is my favourite part of the house during the winter.