Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Books Make Me Happy

I went a little book crazy on Kijiji (similar to Craig's List) last week and bought a whole bunch of new books. I don't know why I never thought of looking on there for books but it never crossed my mind until last Friday night. And then I just found so many that I was pretty sure I needed.

I found the Lord of the Rings trilogy on sale for $15 and they are in excellent condition. Now I just need to find The Hobbit and that will complete it.

I figured they were a pretty good set to own and I wouldn't mind re-reading them someday. While I have seen the movies, I much preferred the books. Anyone else?

The next batch of books I found were Berenstain Bears ones and I couldn't believe my luck. I found two postings, one for 15 books and the other for 6, all for a total of $19. I jumped on them and am now the proud owner of a decent sized Berenstain Bears collection.

I already had a decent start to one but this just makes it so much better! Although I did get a bunch of duplicates in the new sets but that's okay, because I'm going to share with my sisters. They're totally excited about the fact that I over bought.

I also found a Narnia box set for $20 and was SO EXCITED! I couldn't believe my luck all in one night and was feeling pretty good about my shopping spree. Except for that one fell through. The guy who posted it could only have me come by to pick it up immediately and then he was moving. And since he was 40 minutes away and we already had immediate plans, we couldn't get it. I guess I'll just have to wait for it to come around again some time.

So that was my happy shopping spree on Kijiji last weekend and I'm trying really hard not to go back and look too often, but I may just have to keep an eye out for more sweet deals. Especially for Berenstain Bears books and the Narnia series.

Anyone else love buying things second hand from Kijiji or Craig's List? Any other Berenstain Bears' books fans out there?


  1. You should check out the Friends of the Library giant book sales they have every so often! The Pajots told me once they were able to get entire Little House on the Prairie series for only a few bucks! I haven't been able to get to one yet, but hope to go to the next one - people line up around the library apparently!

  2. aw I LOVE Berenstain Bears! (I bought the entire set of Twilight GENTLY used from Ebay, AFTER having read all of them via e-book. Just like LOTR - I just wanted to have the whole set on my shelf, and to re-read them via paperback should I so choose... Twihard all the way!)

  3. Vicky - We should totally go to one of those library book sales together! Waiting in a ridiculously long line with a friend sounds much more appealing than all by myself. :P

    Kate - It's always good to own certain book sets. At least that's my opinion. :)

  4. Yay for books and yay for berenstein bears!

  5. Jackie - Yay is right! You're probably more excited because I'll be sharing with you. :P