Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Pleasures - February 2014

I had fun this week, choosing things that made me smile. I actually had to choose between multiple things, instead of forcing myself to find something that gave me joy. It was awesome.

Sunday: My newest additions to my Berenstain Bears Books

Monday: Super tasty almonds!

Tuesday: Dark chocolate bar! (That gives me a tummy ache, but I didn't realize that when I bought it)

Wednesday: The snow was so sparkly!

Thursday: My very first pair of skinny jeans (Mia loves them)

Friday: Progress on my sock!

Sunday: My "I Am Thankful" jar that I received from a friend
What have YOU been finding joy in lately?


  1. Nice sock! Maybe I shouldn't show this to Mike lol.

  2. girlinatree - In Mike's defense, he probably doesn't dedicate as much time to knitting as I do. And I've had more practice so I'm a little faster. But thanks, I'm feeling pretty proud of it!

  3. The sock is looking GREAT so far!!

  4. I've been collecting Berenstain Bears books for a little nephew and my youngest granddaughter. Aren't they wonderful? I really like Richard Scarey books too.

  5. Kate - Thanks! I'm almost done the first one! Too bad I need to make a whole other one before being completely done.

    Karen - Aren't children's books wonderful? I have a few Richard Scarey ones and small collections of Robert Munsch and Little Critter ones. It's just so addictive!