Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where's the Bathroom?

Asking "where's the bathroom?" is such a common question, especially when visiting someone's house for the first time. We have two bathrooms in our house but the main floor one is used the most frequently, especially by guests visiting just for the day.

While our bathroom is quite central and really not that hard to find, I thought it would be nice to make it a little more obvious to those who are looking for it. And what better way than adding a cute DIY project to the door?

Aren't they just the cutest addition ever? I am so thrilled with how well they turned out.

I got the inspiration for them from Pinterest (obviously) and recruited others to help me make them. Supposedly you can find the little wood outlines at Michaels Craft Store but I had no such luck, so I asked a friend of ours from church to make them for me. He kindly did it for free too, since he said it took no time at all and he would feel bad charging for them. We got them last Sunday, all nice and freshly cut.

While they looked so pretty in their pure wooden state, I knew they wouldn't look good against a white background, so out came the black paint.

Dan actually did all the painting, since I was busy working on another craft project, so he gets all the credit for these little guys. He did two coats of paint, just to make sure they were well covered.

The finished product is even better than I could have imagined and the best part, it was completely free to make! The wooden men were given to us, the paint we had in the garage and we used Scotch mounting tape that we had leftover from a different project. A new upgraded bathroom door for zero dollars, my kind of DIY project.

What do you think of my bathroom door now? Anyone else working on small easy crafts or projects lately? Does Pinterest inspire others too or just me?


  1. Fantastic! Free projects are always awesome. :) I am presently hoping to knit a hat for my boy. I've gotten far as downloading a pattern.

  2. so cute! Pinterest has given me so many ideas, and the list keeps getting longer as I add two things for every one I do... =P

  3. I love those! Seriously considering them for our house now.

  4. Casey - Isn't it grand? :D

    Jackie - At least you've gotten as far as downloading the patter, that is an important step. ;)

    Kate - I know! That's the problem with Pinterest. But I've been trying to actually do things I have pinned before going crazy pinning more things. It's hard though.

    Lee - They would look fabulous in your gorgeous new house. :D

    Cora - Maybe if you ask Santa nicely. ;)