Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Random Facts

It's Thursday again and for some reason, I don't really have much to blog about. Maybe it's a Thursday thing? Who knows.

But instead of just leaving you high and dry, I thought I would give you 10 random facts about me. They won't be all that exciting but it's just another peek into who I am. Ready?

1. I was home schooled until grade 9, when I then entered a French private school
2. I HATE coconut with a passion
3. I have always struggled with biting my nails and still fall back into the habit sometimes
4. I got married when I was 19
5. I never went to university and never had any desire to do so
6. I can type 80wpm
7. My talent when I was younger was hoola hooping
8. I am scared of heights
9. I am not at all flexible and can't even touch my toes
10. My car is a standard and I love it

So there you have it, a nice little post about me this morning. I hope you all have a great Thursday and be sure to check back later for Thoughtful Thursday at 2pm.


  1. 19? Holy Toledo batman. When I was 19 I am pretty sure I was no where near mature enough for marriage!

    Also, I can drive standard but I am horrible at it!! I can never get a handle on downshifting properly

  2. Casey - Yup, 19. At the time I felt very mature and grown up, but looking back I just think "man I was young". I don't regret it though. And I used to HATE driving standard but Dan insisted I learn and now I am so used to it and feel very proud of myself. It definitely takes practice though and if I don't drive it in a while, I lose my awesome skills. :P

  3. I remember talking to you on the phone the first time you saw Dan across the soccer field... and I still remember how giddy you were the first time he gave you a ride on his bike. You may have been young but you two were (and are) perfect for each other!!

  4. Jessie - Thank you! I was pretty silly back then. :P

  5. 1. you HATE coconut?! oooo Almond Joy are my FAVORITE candy!!
    2. I can't touch my toes either... and I do yoga.. I'm embarrassed. lol
    3. I drive standard (very well, too!) - and it saved us when we rented a car in Italy and E couldn't drive! =)

  6. Kate - Yes, coconut is horrible. Do you find yoga helps with your flexibility at all?

    1. It helps a little, but not too long term since I don't keep up lately, even once a week.. Lol

  7. I don't think I realized that you were scared of heights...good thing the tickets I got for you and Dan only go up Seattle's first skyscraper--which isn't very tall anymore in the skyline!

  8. Jackie - Yup, terrified of heights. Does this skyscraper we're going up have clear floors that I have to walk on? Because if not, I should be good. :)

  9. Why have I never seen this hula hoop talent?! I'll make sure we have a few on hand for July... And can you teach Lily your skill? ;-)

  10. Tory - I can hula hoop for you this summer but be prepared, I may not be that talented anymore. Have I shown you how I can walk through a broom stick though? As for teaching Lily, we might have to wait a few years. :P