Friday, March 14, 2014

Foodie Friday - Spaghetti Sauce

As promised, here is my famous spaghetti sauce recipe. Although if I'm being completely honest, it's not my recipe. My sister Jackie supposedly came up with it, but when I told her everyone loved her spaghetti sauce recipe, she said "what recipe?" So obviously she has a pretty big claim on it.

No matter who I feed it to, it's always a hit and people always want the recipe. I rarely actually give out the recipe, not because it's top secret but more like I just never feel like writing it all out and explaining it to the person. Not that it's a hard recipe to make, it's more like the instructions are kind of vague.

You see, I don't actually measure anything, it's more like I throw things into a pot and hope for the best. Seriously though, it's pretty simple. But I will do my best to write out an actual recipe so that you can give it a shot and have it turn out.

First up, you fry onions and garlic in a small amount of olive oil on low heat until soft.

Then you add your ground beef and cook that until it is nice and browned. If there is a lot of grease in the pot from your beef, drain it before continuing to the next step. Once the beef is browned, you add in your tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes and tomato paste.

Although as you can see from the above picture, I used diced tomatoes this time. Ever since I have to check ingredients on EVERYTHING, I've realized they add sugar to a lot of things, including stewed tomatoes and regular tomato sauce. So I splurged on the Classico sauce and switched the stewed tomatoes out for diced. No big deal, it still turned out just fine.

Doesn't it look tasty already? And we haven't even added the veggies and spices!

I used to chop up the carrots and zucchini for my sauce but for the last few years I've been shredding them and am pleased with the end result. When they are shredded, they cook faster and blend into the sauce better so the veggie haters out there don't notice as much. Little (or big) kids who hate veggies gobble up this sauce without knowing any better and I smile to myself that I have succeeded in tricking them.

I have a ton of frozen zucchini so I just use that and then freshly shred the carrots, as you can see in the above photo.

Once the veggies are all mixed in, you add the spices and sugar and then simmer for a couple hours until done. And by done I mean the carrots are no longer crunchy and it tastes like spaghetti sauce.

It's so good! I just wanted to eat the sauce by the spoonful instead of waiting for noodles. Don't worry, I refrained. Sort of.

Jackie's Spaghetti Sauce

1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 lb ground beef
1 28oz. can stewed (or diced) tomatoes
1 650ml can tomato sauce
1 5.5oz can tomato paste
1 medium zucchini, shredded
2 medium carrots, shredded
1 Tbsp basil
1 Tbsp oregano
Salt & Pepper to taste
A dash of sugar

Fry onion and garlic in olive oil until softened, add ground beef and cook until browned. Drain grease if necessary. Add stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, zucchini and carrots. Add spices and simmer for 2+ hours. Adjust spices to taste. Serve over cooked noodles and enjoy!

I usually double the recipe so that I can freeze a bunch and have it easily accessible for future. It freezes really well, so you should totally save the time by making more of it.


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  1. Awesome! I think that you should change the title to "Jennie's Awesome Spaghetti Sauce" though, since you've made considerable improvements to my original 'recipe'! :)

  2. Jackie - I've made improvements? What was your original recipe? And I'm totally leaving the name since it reminds me of you every time I make it.

  3. Grating the vegetables & putting quantities and directions to the recipe!
    :) You can leave my name on it, I don't mind.