Thursday, March 27, 2014

Headboard Makeover

I still owe you guys a great guestroom reveal and I plan on doing so sometime in April. In the meantime though, we worked on a project earlier this week that I just couldn't resist sharing with you guys. So here is a little sneak peek into the guestroom.

We bought the bed frame a couple years back at a yard sale for $20 and while it was functional, it just wasn't pretty. See picture below to get an idea of what I mean.

Like I said, it worked but was lacking any flare and I found the headboard to be too short once the pillows were on the bed.

Fortunately for us, it was super easy to just take off the old headboard and still have something to attach a new one to.

We bought our supplies and then got to work. First, Dan measured the plywood and made sure we were happy with the height we had chosen before getting too far into the project.

Can you tell by his face that he was super excited to be in the picture? He refused to smile so we went with the scowl. Once he was finished scowling and I approved the height, he worked on framing the back of the plywood to give it some extra support.

Good thing I've got a smart man who can do stuff like this. If I was on my own, there would have been one big piece of plywood and that's it. Or then again, I probably wouldn't have tackled this project at all.

Once the frame was ready, we stapled the loft batting to it. To make sure it was nice and squishy, we put three layers of the loft batting and we are really happy we did, since it's the perfect squish.

After this step, we took a break and played some Settlers of Catan. But we did eventually get back to the headboard with the next step being to iron the fabric.

I totally did this step, since Dan had done everything else up to this point. He's just better with the drill and staple gun than I am. Not that I'm good at ironing, but I thought I should do something to contribute.

Dan then stapled the fabric onto the the headboard. We checked multiple times as we went along to make sure the fabric wasn't rumpled or pulled funny as we were stapling.

The finished product looked so good, I just had to hug it.

Once this part was complete, we headed back to the bedroom to mount it to the bed. Like I said above, the old one just unscrewed so it left a nice spot to just slide in a new headboard.

Four screws later and the whole bed was transformed! Doesn't it look so much better?

Although seeing the bed with the new headboard makes me realize that the bedspread is super wrinkly and the picture above it doesn't match.

Oh well. The headboard makes up for all that. And I have time to iron and switch out some art before doing my big reveal post.

Anyone else ever made their own headboard? There are so many different methods and styles you can use, but I'm pleased with our fabric one we chose.


  1. Ugh I really need to get on this headboard train! but my bed is in such an awkward spot I really dont know how I want it!! Love yours

  2. Great job ! I personally, think the artwork works !

  3. Casey - Your bed is tricky with a headboard... so good luck with that! :)

    wickedsugar - Thanks! I'm thinking the artwork would just look better on a different wall, so that it doesn't compete with the pattern in the fabric.

  4. Oooh! What a fun project. :) That is very exciting fabric too. Kevin made our headboard over the holidays and I was impressed at his skills.

  5. Good team work! Great job! I love reading that you took a break and played Settlers:)

  6. Jackie - Kevin wins because he did his first. And the colour you chose works great for your room.

    Ellie - Got to keep it cheery!

  7. That fabric is awesome! I love how it turned out, Jenn.

  8. So pretty! I agree with wicked, too. At least in the photos, the artwork looks great with it.

  9. Marlee - Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's always so hard to know when standing in the fabric store.

    Stasy - Maybe I'll consider leaving the picture there for a bit, until I find something better.