Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Too Sexy for My Socks

I am now able to cross one thing off my 14 Goals for 2014 list and that would be learn to knit socks!

Aren't they beautiful? It's alright, you can be jealous of my mad knitting skills and my awesome foot modeling technique.

It's actually kind of hard to model socks, have you ever tried it before? I had no idea what to do with my feet or what would be cute angles to capture the socks best. I did my best though, so hopefully it's okay.

I also didn't realize how dirty the floor was in all these pictures. Can you tell I rarely mop? Oh well, just focus on the socks and ignore the mud on the floor.

I was terrified of learning to knit socks because I felt like they would be way too complicated and I would mess them up too much. I mean doesn't that heel look hard? But I found that once I got over the first hurdles of understanding the pattern, realizing I was knitting them inside out and asking for help, all was smooth sailing after that! It took me about a month to finish the first sock and then a week for the second, which I thought was decent considering they were my first pair of socks.

I'm loving the colour of them and they are super comfy. Seriously, I've worn them every day since I finished them (not THAT long) and I have no complaints as of yet. Oh and really warm too.

I'm tempted to just start another pair but I know that I really should get back to work on that baby blanket I started almost 3 months ago for my nephew. I made a mistake on it around New Year's and haven't touched it since. But it's time to stop procrastinating and get to work on it so that I might actually be able to bring it to him when I visit in April.

Anyone else ever knit socks before? How about slippers? I think I need to make slippers next. After the baby blanket of course.


  1. Fabulous socks! you did a terrific job!

  2. You are adorable! Great job on the socks (and the modeling of them) and I'm very proud of your work and I'm sure Mrs. Hunting would have been pleased too. :)

  3. Mrs. Lopez - Thank you!

    Jackie - I knew you would especially like this post. :D

  4. YOU DID IT!!! They look awesome Jennie! And I love the colour.

    I'm working on a pair of replacement socks for my favourite pair that I've worn a hole through. I know there's a way to fix them so I can I can get a few more wearings out of them, but I haven't looked for instructions online. They are made from a beautiful colourway of Noro yarn. I love them.

    I haven't made slippers yet, but I have an old-school crochet pattern from my mum that I want to try. Someday...

  5. Those are great! I love knit socks, but I have yet to knit any. I am still working on perfecting my slipper technique :D

  6. Such a talented person you are. I have thought about knitting socks as well but have only done slippers, dishcloths and kitchen towels (mostly) I know that slippers are easy because I can knit them!!!

  7. Cora - Thank you. :)

    artistmouse - I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing holes in these ones soon, I'm wearing them all the time. And I can't believe you haven't made slippers before, you're like a knitting genius!

    Megan - They're not as hard as they look, so I have complete faith that you could make them. But for now, I'll just be jealous of your slippers. :)

    Anna - Thanks! I've done dishcloths but no slippers or kitchen towels, so you're winning there. :)