Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kitchen Appliances

The other day, as I was using my food processor for a recipe, I realized that I sure do use it a lot. It got me thinking about the other kitchen appliances that I use regularly and which ones I couldn't live without. I was inspired to write up a blog post and share with you my favourite gadgets in the kitchen and then see what you guys use regularly.

So let's start off with the basics. I use my stove/oven every single day. No matter what I'm making, it pretty much is guaranteed to either go in the oven or on a burner. I could not live without the stove. Or at least it would be very hard to live without.

Next on the useful list is the microwave. While I'm pretty sure I would survive without one and get pretty used to heating up my food in other ways, I use my microwave pretty much daily as well. It's just so convenient for heating up leftovers, thawing meat or fruit and making popcorn. The popcorn thing is no longer but it was awesome while it lasted.

The dishwasher is the appliance that I never thought I would need but now that I have one, I love it! It's so nice to be able to just throw all the dishes in there after company comes and not have to worry about washing them all by hand. I still do a lot of dishes by hand but the dishwasher helps minimize the amount.

While this may come as a surprise to some of you, I make Dan homemade bread. I know I know, what am I thinking torturing myself in that way? But when I make it myself, I know what ingredients are in it, it's cheaper and it tastes better. I do admit though, some days it's really hard to smell it cooking and then slice it for him. But I love him and this is one of the ways I show it. I do cheat a bit and start off by using my bread machine. I don't like how the bread comes out when it's cooked in it though so I always use the dough setting and then knead, rise and bake in the oven. It's half the work but tastes so much better.

Since this whole post was inspired by the food processor, I better show you a picture of my beautiful one. It's a heavy duty Cuisinart that works like a dream and weighs 10 pounds. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating on the weight but it is heavy. Dan bought it for me a couple Christmas's ago and spent way too much on it. But his reason was "it's a kitchen tool and I never cheap out on tools". So I gladly accepted it and love the quality that comes with the higher price tag.

Another common appliance used by me is my toaster. While I have found an amazing gluten-free bread recipe, it still needs to be toasted to make it tasty after the first day or two. I usually eat as much as I can fresh and then freeze the rest. When I want some bread, I take it out of the freezer and toast it until crispy. Yummy!

And last but not least, the radio. Okay, so I realize this isn't exactly an appliance and I'm a little behind in times but I totally have my old stereo set up in the corner of the kitchen so I can listen to tunes while cooking. I usually listen to the radio but occasionally I put on a CD if I want something more specific. The stereo gets used on a daily basis, almost as much as the oven, if not more, so I felt bad leaving it out of this line up.

Oh, and after writing this post up, I realized I forgot the fridge. Oops. I do use my fridge all the time so it should have been included in this list.

I have other random things in my kitchen that I use on occasion but this was my top list of items I use and love. Is your list similar? Anything that I'm missing that you couldn't live without? I'd love to hear what your "must haves" are when it comes to being in the kitchen.


  1. You are fortunate to have so many nice appliances. : I like my immersion blender. And our coffee maker.

  2. I couldn't live without my Kitchen Aid mixer as I have bad wrists for mixing or my glass top stove as I have zero counter space in my galley kitchen and use it daily for food preparation!!

  3. My Kitchen Aid, no question! I try to make all of our bread, buns, pizza dough, etc. from scratch and it saves me the hassle of spending ages kneading!

  4. Food processor = awesome and I agree with the radio/cd player. Those are my 2 favourite appliances in my kitchen. Although, without an oven and a toaster, my life would be pretty gray.

  5. Jackie - I am fortunate, thank you for the reminder. And the immersion blender is pretty sweet too, mine just has issues so I haven't been using it much lately.

    Jessie - I'm jealous of the Kitchen Aid. I want one.

    mslittleblackkat - That would be so nice to skip all the kneading stages! I'm pretty sure a Kitchen Aid is next on my wish list for kitchen appliances.

    Cora - I knew you would agree with the food processor one. Do you have a toaster oven? I've toyed with the idea of getting one...

  6. I am with you on stove and microwave! And fridge of course. Beyond that, my kitchen aid stand mixer, crockpot and my ninja blender. The rest are just used sometimes.

    I also hope you and Dan use separate toasters as gluten can transfer from him putting non gluten free bread to your gluten free toast.

  7. DCWJes - The crockpot! How could I have forgotten about that! I LOVE my crockpot. Thanks for the reminder. And yes, Dan and I have different toasters. We just rarely use his so I only shared mine.

  8. Coffee maker! There would be no getting through the day without coffee for me. (Nor do I think my husband would like me very much if I didn't have it.)

    You listed the rest of the main ones for me, too.

  9. As I read your post, Jenn, I can see just how much location affects appliances. Here I would love to have an oven .... but have to settle with a tiny microwave-convection unit. Even the ovens which are available .. relatively new item here ..... aren't much bigger than a decent sized microwave. Not much baking or oven cooking done here. An indispensable item is a good quality wok and a good gas stove top cooker ... only two burners so our cooking is quite different. I do appreciate my crock pot for obvious reasons. Have a kitchen aid ... simple one but mostly used at Christmas or other times when baking done. Cannot keep supplies long here because they go buggy or moldy very quickly. YUK and frustrating!!! A good meat cleaver is a must as is a strong chopping block. Oh the difference!! Many have mortar and pestle but I cheat by using small jar on blender ... but I'm regularly told that the food just doesn't taste right then.
    Enjoy your items .... and realize just how blessed you are. Many here have the absolute basics ... and in the west, most who go camping have more and better equipment than many do here. All relative though .... and folks are content here with what they have ... and use them well to produce tasty food

  10. I like the stereo because it makes me think of you cooking and dancing while listening to something like before he cheats or that "stolen" birthday CD. :)

  11. Stasy - Coffee seems to be a big one for many!

    Bunny - Thanks for the reminder to appreciate how blessed I truly am.

    Kristy - First of all, the cd wasn't "stolen", I made myself a copy of it. :P Secondly, grooving to the music in my kitchen is better when you're around.