Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent 2014

Today is Ash Wednesday which means that it is the first day of Lent. I am not Catholic and I don't normally participate in lent but I thought that this year I would. I have given up movies for lent twice in the past and it was hard! I never really realized how many movies I do actually watch until I had to give them up for 40 days. But I totally did it and was proud of myself afterwards.

This year I toyed with the idea of giving up sugar but after thinking about it for a while, decided against it for a few reasons. Reason #1 being that I already have so many foods on my can't eat list that I thought adding a new one would just make it too dang hard, not to mention depressing. Reason #2, my birthday is during lent and I couldn't quite imagine a birthday with no form of sugar. So I scratched that idea off my list of possible things to give up.

I then turned to Google for ideas and came across a lot of crazy ones. I am not going to be giving up my pillow or sleeping in a tent in the yard, sorry. But I did come across some good suggestions of doing something new instead of giving something up. Brilliant, right?

So it was decided that instead of giving up sugar, I would write a note/letter/email/whatever to someone each day of lent encouraging them. That way, I will be thinking of others and hopefully lifting them up for a day, instead of wallowing in self pity over the lack of sugar in my life. Not too bad of an idea if I dare say so myself.

That being said, I am still planning on minimizing my sugar intake, especially of refined sugars like white and brown. I want to try experimenting with honey and other substitutes in my baking and putting less sugar into things. Instead of cutting cold turkey, I am going to try making a lifestyle change.

Are you doing anything for lent, whether it's giving something up or adding something in? Have you participated in lent in the past? Plan on it in the future?

Oh and because yesterday was Pancake Tuesday, here is a picture of our yummy supper last night.

Bet ya wish you were at our house!


  1. Ephesians 4:29 Jennie? What a fantastic idea ... one that will bless 40 people

  2. That's a very nice idea! ....and those pancakes look super yummy!

  3. That is a lot of pancakes!! i had pancakes and baked cinnamon apples mmmmmm....

    I love the idea of writing notes to people. That is very sweet of you!

  4. Great Idea :)
    Also, your pancakes look amazing. I have yet to find a brilliant pancake recipe (you think it'd be easy), my last one had too many eggs and became too rubbery. I may have to get suggestions!

  5. I've been very sporadic in my Fab-Ab challenge, I've decided to take on something for Lent - working out DAILY, no excuses (also prepping for mudrun)!

  6. I love that you chose to do something instead of remove something! :) Yay for positive change!!
    p.s. those pancakes look delicious!!

  7. Once I gave up chocolate. Another time I think I planned to floss my teeth every day. I like your idea for this year Jennie. :)

  8. Bunny - What a good verse, thank you for sharing.

    Erin - The pancakes were super yummy!

    Casey - I had to make enough to feed my hungry hubby as well as have leftovers to feed me and a friend today. So yes, a lot of pancakes! Yours sound delicious though, with cinnamon apples. Yum!

    Kristy - I shall give you my father's famous pancake recipe (remind me to later) since it is the best. I just can't have them anymore due to being GF...

    Kate - That is pretty dedicated of you! There is no way I could commit to working out every day for lent.

    Cora - Positive change is always a good thing. And those pancakes were delicious!

    Jackie - I am still amazed that you gave up chocolate and lived to tell the tale. Flossing your teeth is another really good one!

  9. We had pancakes last night, too. Yum!

    I grew up Catholic and my parents always made us give something up (besides the no meat on Friday) and also do some form of service every week. At the time, I hated it, but as I've grown up, I realize it was a good thing and I credit that with the community service my husband and I do now.

    I'm no longer a practicing Catholic, so I don't give anything up, but in the past, I've done candy, desserts, coffee (only once), video games, television (still watched the news, but that was it), and meat all together.

  10. Stasy - I probably would have hated that when I was younger too, but it's cool that you have continued on with the community service into your adult years.

  11. One of my friends in college gave up green peppers. Odd, right? But she didn't want Lent to be a choice for a diet but, instead, really a choice to give up something she absolutely loved--even though it was healthy! Cool, huh?

    Having now been the recipient of one of your encouraging notes--right when you knew I needed it most--I am so grateful you took on this "challenge"! :-)

  12. Tory - I agree, green peppers does seem strange but I like her thinking behind it. And I'm glad that your encouragement note helped. :D