Monday, March 17, 2014

Simple Pleasures - March 2014

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? Celebrating in any way? Me, not so much going on in terms of celebrating. Although I am wearing a green shirt and will be eating green beans for supper. That counts right?

Now onto the blog post.

Do you know that I've been doing these Simple Pleasure posts for over a year now? It's such a good way to find joy in the small things of life. Good thing my sister Cora suggested I do this on a more permanent basis.

Flowers from my sweet husband

My newest knitting project

Our Christmas cactus is blooming again

More new books (I know, I'm addicted)

My love note from Dan

My new fur coat

Coals in the wood stove
Now it's your turn. Tell me something that you are finding joy in lately. What are you thankful for?


  1. The little flowers that are budding on my plant at work. :)

  2. Right now I'm finding great joy in starting up some seeds. So far I've seeded parsley, basil, kale, and green beans (a few beans inside just for fun of watching something grow quickly). Pictures on my blog.

  3. Beautiful bouquet! Lucky you for the flowers and also a thoughtful husband.

  4. ooh! Is that knitting project a blanket for Mikey? :)
    I'm finding joy in the sunshine and blue sky that occasionally graces Seattle with its presence.

  5. Cora - Little flower buds are the best. So beautiful and small, yet we know their potential.

    Ellie - Little seedlings are so much fun to watch! And yes, I have me a good man.

    Jackie - Yes, the blanket is for Mikey. :D

  6. I like that picture of the coals - really unique. I'm thankful for a safe trip down to the Lancaster Quilt Show for a few days.