Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

We spent Easter with my family this year and while it was a hard one emotionally for many reasons, we also had a good time together.

Unfortunately, even though I brought my camera I never actually took it out of the suitcase. Smart, eh? But lucky for you, my sister Cora was official photographer of the weekend and she kindly shared her pictures with me. So you can still see all the fun we had and the food we ate.

Cora organized the menu and designated jobs to everyone, so it was a joint effort.

We had fruit trays, potato salad, hot cross buns, ham, maple cream crepes, mushroom bechamel crepes, asparagus and freshly juiced juice.



Potato Salad
Everything was so tasty, at least the things that I could eat. The crepes were out for me but Tara (sister-in-law) lovingly made us some pancakes that we could eat.

Mushroom Bechamel Crepes

After we all stuffed ourselves silly with the amazing food, we headed outside for part one of the egg hunt.

And yes, everyone participated, including the adults.

Once everyone found their chocolates, we just soaked up some of the sunshine before heading inside for part two of the hunting.

Tara & I with our Theobroma chocolates

Cora and her love Jeremie
Mom always does a wonderful job of finding a great assortment of treats to hide and she is the one who usually does the hiding. But since I can't eat 99% of the treats, I volunteered my time this year. Eloise (my niece) helped and we had a great time hiding stuff.

And then everyone had a great time finding everything!

Overall, it was a good Easter and we made some good memories.

And while I know this is totally after the fact, how was your Easter? Did you do an egg hunt? Eat yummy food? Spend time with family? I want to hear about it!


  1. Our family doesnt do an egg hunt- we do clues! My dad hides a small gift or some chocolate in various parts of the house and then we have clues to help us find them! sometimes they are really hard too!

  2. Casey - That sounds awesome! I love treasure hunts that involve clues. :)