Monday, April 7, 2014

Memory Monday - Birthdays

Welcome to my new blog series, Memory Monday! I am so excited to begin this one and hope you are ready to take a walk down memory lane with me.

While I realize that most of my readers won't be able to actually share in the memories I post, my goal is to give you an opportunity to take a deeper look into what my life has been like to date and hear about some fun times I've had in my past. And really, who doesn't love looking at old pictures of people? I know I sure do. So join me for this newest series and enjoy the thoughts and memories I share.

Since today is my 25th birthday (more on that later this week), I thought it would be fitting to begin this series with some birthday memories. I spent the weekend digging through old photo albums and boxes of pictures trying to find one picture from every birthday to date. While I wasn't totally successful, I came pretty darn close. I found 22 out of 24 birthday pictures to share, including a bonus one of the day I was born.

Enough talk, let's show off some cuteness!

I was born at 6:15am on Friday, April 7, 1989, via c-section. I was the youngest of 5 kids and was pretty spoiled rotten. I was a cute little "doll" to play with and dress up for the two oldest girls and a playmate for the younger one. Not sure how my brother felt about me at the time, probably more of a nuisance than fun.

Me and my Mom on the day I was born
I was lucky to grow up in an amazingly fun and caring family who had the best birthday traditions. I'm not exactly sure at what age it started, but from as early as I can remember this is how our birthdays went. We were given breakfast in bed (food of our choice) along with presents and cards from the close family members. Once breakfast was over, we were then allowed to spend the rest of the day doing exactly as we pleased, which usually included playing with our new gifts. Since we were home schooled, we had the privilege of being able to skip school, which was totally awesome. We then got to choose our birthday supper menu where we had another family celebration, which usually included grandparents, and a birthday cake.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday
That was just our actual birthday. We then had a birthday party with friends where we had more cake, games and gifts. Seriously, best birthday traditions ever.

6th Birthday

7th Birthday

8th Birthday

9th Birthday

10 Birthday
Once I got into the teen years, the parties changed a bit. They were usually sleepovers and my good friend Aaron wasn't invited anymore, him being a boy and all. But for the first little while, I still partied it up in style!

11th Birthday

12th Birthday

13th Birthday

14th Birthday

15th Birthday
Then 16 hit and with it, lots of drama. I can't for the life of me find a picture from this birthday but if you want you can imagine it. There was some sort of tiff between a friend and myself so in order to maintain the peace, I didn't have any sort of a party. It ended up being myself and two guy friends and we went to a sugaring off and then watched The Importance of Being Earnest. That was it. I'm sure there must have been some sort of family thing but I really can't find any pictures. Weird.

17th Birthday

18th Birthday

19th Birthday

20th Birthday

21st Birthday
Here is my next missing year, 22. I remember what we did but I don't think we were smart enough to document it in pictures. Dan threw me a surprise party with friends and we had burgers, chips and ice cream cake and then played games. There was also a ton of balloons all over the apartment. Why didn't we photograph this awesome night?

23rd Birthday

24th Birthday
So there you have it, the last 24 birthdays of my life for you to look at in picture form. Don't worry, I promise to document today as well, so that I have the memory of it for a life time.

I can't wait to share next weeks Memory Monday with you, it's going to be good! Hint: it involves Cora (my sister) and I.


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  1. Your family made such awesome cakes!! Now im hungry!!

    Happy birthday!!!!

  2. I seem to vaguely remember photo of balloons so there must be photo somewhere
    Awesome memories Jenn. None with your individual personalized table cloth? Wasn't that part of what was special?
    I remember all your curls when young ...and the beautiful color.
    Happy birthday

  3. This makes me smile :D
    (Amazing birthday message to follow later today)

  4. Casey - I LOVED our cakes growing up and they always tasted super amazing. Sorry to make you hungry, especially on your "get fit" check in day! :P

    Bunny - Dan does the balloon thing often, so you may be remembering a different event. :) I didn't actually find very many of our table cloth colouring, Mom must have more. And I did have pretty awesome hair when I was little.

    Kristy - I knew you'd like it. :D

  5. Yay for birthdays! I had forgotten about the skipping school part... strangely enough.
    Yesterday, Mom and I were watching old home videos and we saw your 10th birthday party. Fun times were had dancing in the living room with our giant window/mirror!!
    Happy 25th Jennie!!
    p.s. I can't wait for next Monday...

  6. Adorable photos Jennie! :)
    p.s. I don't think I skipped school on my birthday...that tradition must have started with the little girls! :p

  7. It sure seems that you had a lot of great birthdays. Maybe it wasn't just the little girls skipping school, maybe it was just you because you were the baby and, maybe, a bit spoiled which I can understand because you were such a cutie with those curls.

  8. Happy Birthday Jenn! You musta been a cute kid.

  9. Cora - Mom told me about the movie watching and your comment on my nose. :P That window was awesome for dance parties. I can't wait for next week either!

    Jackie - Must just be us spoiled ones. But I remember not having to do school until College Rivier. Poor you that you missed out on that great tradition!

    Anna - It could have just been me in my spoiled youngest status skipping school, who knows! It must have been the curls. ;)

    Furry Gnome - Thank you!