Monday, April 14, 2014

Memory Monday - Little Sisters

Welcome back to the second post in my new series, Memory Monday. Today I am sharing a bit about the friendship between my sister Cora and I.

We are almost exactly 2 years apart and have been friends since the earliest I can remember. When I came home from the hospital that day in April, she was immediately my new best friend.

There are five kids in my family, consisting of 2 girls, a boy and 2 girls. Due to this set up, we were referred to as the "little sisters" and we stuck together through thick and thin. We grew up playing Barbies, Playmobile, Lego, dolls, old fashion and dress up, always together.

We had a new set of rules, being spoiled together. Often times the older sisters will be shocked to hear what we got away with, saying they were never allowed to do that. I guess parents change and slack off in some ways. But in other ways, we didn't always have it better. The older siblings did stuff that we never did, so I guess it kind of evened out in the end.

We shared a room for the first 8 years of my life and I have many memories of sleeping in the bunk bed, whispering to each other late into the night. Or of cleaning the room together, which usually consisted of Cora doing all the work and me getting distracted by something I had found while cleaning.

Even when we did move rooms and each had our own space, it was still kind of like sharing since the dividing wall was only 5 feet tall. It was nice to have our own room but still be able to talk or throw things over to the other person. We even had our own secret good night saying.

I remember one summer, when my parents house was especially busy with guests, Cora and I spent most of our time living in the hiding place. Since our room was needed to host all the guests, we moved to the hiding place, which was a small secret loft space in my parents room. It was fun and secretive to live up there a whole summer, but it was still very nice to get our room back in the fall.

We did everything together, including visiting our grandparents house and walking to school together. I remember when we were little, we'd visit Nanny and Grandpa (who lived across the field from us) and stay until they had to invite us to for lunch. We weren't allowed asking to stay but if we were invited, it was okay. They always fed us Kraft Dinner, which was a special treat for us. Or we would play Skip-Bo with them in the evenings and would get chocolate bars as prizes. Even if we didn't come in first, we'd still get a chocolate bar.

Cora always supported my dreams and even encouraged me in my quest to become an author and used one of my "books" to base a movie on. The Runaway featured me as the main character with many supporting actors found in our friends. We also performed circus acts and murder mysteries, all caught on film. Cora even made a few cooking shows. :::giggle giggle:::

I have so many wonderful childhood memories that involve Cora and I doing stuff together, the best of friends. And as you can see from all these pictures, we were pretty darn cute.

Even though many years have passed since these were all taken, Cora and I still have that special sister bond. We are different people now, going different ways with different views, but we are still sisters and we will never lose that glue that sticks us together.

She is still one of the first people I tell when we have big news, such as pregnancies or miscarriages. She can sit around with me and remember all the good times we had as children. She still makes me laugh pretty dang hard and encourages me to think more and do more. She is still my big sister and my best friend.

I love you Cora. Goodnight, I love you, i-n-g, ing ing ing. *kiss*kiss*kiss*'


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  1. you are pretty lucky to have each other.

  2. Love you so much my little sister who never helped clean our dang room, but with whom I have lived and laughed a good part of my life!
    p.s. I love your choice of photos
    p.p.s. The Runaway was a great film!! :P

  3. Oh sisters, ...lovely post Jennie, brought some tears to my eyes.

  4. Anna - Yes we are very lucky. :)

    Cora - I knew you would appreciate that specific memory, at least I confessed to my lack of cleaning! I found it very hard to just pick some photos, since there are so many good ones.

    Jackie - I hope they were good tears. :)