Monday, April 28, 2014

Memory Monday - Wedding Dresses

Welcome back to Memory Monday! I missed last week due to having a guest post on infertility, so you had a week off from walking down memory lane with me. But don't you worry, I'm back and this week is a good one.

When I was a little girl, I LOVED trying on wedding dresses and couldn't wait until I could wear my very own.

I of course tried on my Mom's a bajillion times but I also tried on other peoples dresses quite regularly. I found quite a few photos of me in random dresses and I'm pretty sure this isn't even all of them.

We would usually do some sort of photo shoot once the dresses were on. We also had props such as veils, bouquets, wedding rings and sometimes even a groom.

Once, we even participated in a fashion show!

While I'm sure my older sisters enjoyed trying on wedding dresses on occasion, I think I liked it the most. I was a little obsessed with weddings and wedding dresses.

The obsession may have stuck with me into adulthood too. And I may have tried a wedding dress on at a bridal shop before I was even engaged.

Once I was engaged though, I tried on plenty. Including the dress of one of my friend's mom.

But nothing even began to compare with the dress that I chose for our wedding. I LOVED my dress and still do. It was the perfect dress for me and it made me feel like a princess.

Tell me I'm not the only one who loved trying on wedding dresses during my youth. I realize some people could care less about wedding dresses but there has to be some other die hards like me out there. Right? RIGHT???


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  1. Cute pics Jennie! :) I've only tried on a handful of wedding dresses myself, you may win the prize for the most wedding dress try ons!

  2. I have never actually tried on wedding dresses! And I am married! I got married in a sundress from Deb.

  3. Jackie - Now that I know what dress fits into that handful you've tried on.... :P

    DCWJes - I think it's fun that you got married in a sundress! Wedding dresses are overrated anyways.

  4. I remember that place .. those people. Thanks for the memory, Jennie. And I know that 'that' other family looked at the photos too .... down her memory lane

  5. Bunny - I figured you would recognize some of these pictures. :)