Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simple Pleasures - April 2014

I almost totally forgot about doing my simple pleasures this month. It just slipped my mind until earlier this week when I was trying to think of posts to fill the remainder of the days in April and I thought to myself thought I "Simple pleasures!".

So here you have it, a few things that cheered me up this week.

Cranberry-Apple Crisp

New muffin liners from Vicky

Friends has arrived!

Sunlight streaming in the bedroom windows

Cereal in my new pottery bowl
Have you slowed down this week to appreciate the little things in life? Are you finding joy in everyday? Tell me something that has made you smile this week.


  1. yuppers! my plants have been growing, my cat tongue has a flower!! and my pepper plants have sprouted through the dirt! Also, there have been rainbows in my living room because of the sunlight shining through my hanging cyrstals and Jeremie's eyes have been particularly blue lately! :)

  2. Not sure how much I've slowed down, but I've appreciated the vibrant green of new leaves, Mikey's smile, and my family. :)

  3. Cora - Those are wonderful things to be thankful for! I think I need to get some crystals in my house so that I can have rainbows in my living room too.

    Jackie - It's okay that you haven't slowed down, but I am glad you have been appreciating things. Although I'm jealous you have leaves. :(