Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Alright readers, it's time to pull out that vacuum and mop and get to cleaning! Seriously though, now that it's Spring I am feeling the need to clean my house from top to bottom.

This is the first time I've lived in the same place for over 2 years (coming up on 3 now) and it's time for me to do a deep clean. Not just a quick once over with the vacuum and the occasional mop, I need to actually wash walls and baseboards and inside cupboards. It's time.

But since we all know that I'm pretty lazy and lacking in the motivation department, I thought it would be fun to do a Spring cleaning challenge together! So I challenge you, dear reader, to join me in this quest to clean our houses! (I'm looking especially at you Amy.)

Let me say something quick though. If you're one of those people who always have a clean house or who have already done their Spring cleaning, no need to read further. We are proud of you but also slightly jealous. Although... if you want to come over and help me clean, feel free!

I have found a schedule on Pinterest that I thought looked relatively straight forward and not too complicated. I'm not one of those people who is going to spend 4 hours house cleaning each day so I needed tasks that were quick and easy. According to the blog where I found this schedule, each task should take between 20 minutes to an hour. Not bad, right?

Now I realize that the writing on this list is kind of tiny so feel free to go to the actual Savvy Sugar blog to read more about this challenge and find links and tips for some of the tasks. You can also print off a copy to hang on your fridge to keep you motivated.

Okay, now down to the nitty gritty. We all know that the chances of me completing this list in a consecutive 30 days is slim to none. I'm not going to kid myself by thinking I will actually do a challenge each day, 7 days a week. My goal is going to be to do 5 tasks a week, I can choose which days. That way, if I have an especially busy Thursday, I don't need to stress about completing the task by midnight, I can just choose to catch up on the Saturday!

I also plan on doing an accountability post every Friday, telling you how I am doing with it and asking you how you're doing with it! What do you think? Does that work well?

I know that deep down we would all love to have clean houses and this is the perfect way to get a start on that goal. So please join me in this challenge and let's kick it off by cleaning our microwave and oven! Who's in?


  1. Omg I need to do this. The other day I was standing on a stool and the top of my rangehood microwave? Ewwwwww

  2. Casey - Yay, my first participant! I'll be checking in on you. :)

  3. Ugh, I do need to clean my oven. I'll join you for that task at least.

  4. I would have definitely done this with you, but as you know I deep cleaned in March when I had time off. I look forward to hearing all about it though ;)

  5. A checklist sure helps sort out an overwhelming project! Thanks for this

  6. Wow--this is a GREAT post with excellent ideas--I love the challenge! However, since Jeff is the serious cleaner in our family, I leave the deep cleaning up to him. I did, however, do the seasonal clothing overhaul this afternoon, moving all the sweaters out and all the spring dresses and shorts in. Do I get credit for that? ;-)

  7. Jackie - I can't wait to hear how clean your oven is next week. :)

    Kristy - I know you already cleaned. That's why I don't like you. :P Kidding!

    Karen - I agree! I love checklists. :D

    Tory - That definitely counts and you totally get credit for that! And I'm jealous that Jeff does the deep cleaning. Does he want to come here? ;)