Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I am feeling in a blog slump lately. It's that awkward time of the year where we're transitioning from indoor projects to outdoor projects but neither of them are really happening. I know it's mostly my fault for not getting anything done but unfortunately I don't have much to blog about right now.

Although today I have something to blame it on.

The weather is not motivating me. At all.

I can't believe it is snowing again! The last few days have been so nice and warm and all the snow had melted. And then we wake up to rain, which turned to freezing rain, which then turned to snow. It's still coming down steadily too, the camera just couldn't capture it.

I am grumpy about it.

I think i have to work on my grumpy face.

But in happier news, I got my hair cut yesterday and I love what my stylist did with it. The soft curls looked so nice yesterday!

It also still looks half decent today. Which means I shall never shower again and have beautiful hair forever. Kidding. Tomorrow the hair will get washed and that will be the end of my beautiful hair. It's too bad I couldn't get it styled every day.

Anyways, enough of a rambling post for today. What's the weather like where you are? Did you wake up to snow too?


  1. No snow here, but lots and lots of rain. I'm totally unmotivated, though, so I understand exactly what you mean. I just couldn't stay awake after Lily's first feeding, so we went back to sleep together instead. I've decided rainy days when I don't have to work are clearly God's way of telling me to snuggle on the sofa with a Friday Night Lights marathon! ;-)

    Your hair looks gorgeous, pretty lady!!

  2. weather here was 70's and sunny, until this morning - now I'm listening to the rain come down, and it's supposed to be "back to freezing" tonight... blugh
    (Your hair is so cute! and I so hate to wash salon-styled hair too... it never looks the same!)

  3. Sunshine and blue skies here is Seattle! :P
    Your grumpy face is hilarious Jennie and I love your hair style! :)

  4. Tory - I totally agree about rainy days. They are meant for sleeping in, tv and books. :)

    Kate - I'm sorry your weather sucks too, it's just no fun. And I'm glad you can understand my desire to never wash my hair again. ;)

    Jackie - Ya ya, rub it in again. I'm glad you liked my grumpy face, I really did try, it's just harder than I thought!

    Furry Gnome - We didn't get THAT much snow. No fun at all.

  5. We got about 20 cm in my area of the Ottawa Valley. And that was after a good bought of freezing rain. It took me quite awhile to clean my car off today. I did as best I could, then backed it out where it would get several hours of full sun before going to town. Clean as a whistle by the time I left!

  6. Karen - Ugh, that sounds horrible! At least the sun is still shining.