Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 4 Check-In

I'm back for another Spring cleaning check-in. But once again, I didn't get much done. I had good intentions, really I did, but with the strep throat and recovering from that, I didn't even complete five tasks. In fact, I only completed two.

15. Deep-clean mattress, and wash pillows, linen and comforter.  Check.

16. Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture. Check.

But I didn't get a picture of that, since I was too busy vacuuming and moving furniture. So just imagine the bed pulled out and me gagging at the amount of dog hair that accumulates under the bed.

That's it for my deep cleaning this week. Sigh, maybe next week will be better. I am determined to at least finish our bedroom though.

13. Clean mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains.
14. Organize closet and drawers and declutter.
17. Clean furniture, walls and fixtures.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and I shall be back next week with some posts on chicks, a book review and more memories!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday - May 29, 2014

I have a lot of thoughts in my head today, so this will be the one and only post of the day. I had fun going through my Pinterest boards yesterday and found some quotes that are pretty spot on with how I'm feeling or ones that I need to remind myself of. So I thought I would share with you guys!

So there you go, some food for thought on this last Thursday in May.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Room Reveal!

I have FINALLY gotten around to writing up a post and sharing pictures of our big guestroom reveal. I know you have all been waiting for months and I apologize for my delay. Hopefully it will be worth the wait though.

Back in the summer of 2011, when we moved into our house, I would have told you immediately that I loved all the paint colours in the house except for the guest room. It was a nasty purple colour and I had every intention of painting it shortly after moving in.

But it didn't happen that way at all. You see, Dan had more goals for that room and so we had to wait until we could to it properly before going through the hassle of painting. And so, two years passed by before we even touched the room.

It was a perfectly usable guest room until August 2013, when we discovered black mould coming up from behind the baseboards along the back wall.

And so began the renovations on the guest room. First things first, we completely emptied the room of all of its contents. Who knew I had squished so much into that small room?

Next up, removing the mouldy baseboards and walls. Dan cut out the pieces of drywall that had been affected and we took up part of the flooring in order for it to be cleaned properly. Once we had cleaned it, we let everything dry out with a dehumidifier running constantly for a few weeks.

After a few weeks of drying, Dan moved around some plumbing in the ceiling so that he could put up a drywall one instead of the drop ceiling that was there before. 

Next step, putting up drywall and then moving on to mudding and taping!

These steps all took a while, since Dan was busy with work and I was pregnant for part of it. Not to mention, we are not professionals at all and there was a lot of trial and error. But we finally got all the boring stuff done and I could move on to painting!

I did the ceiling and Dan ended up painting the walls, since we were pressed for time. But by the end of December, the room was looking almost finished!

We happily put all the furniture back in and were ready to breathe a big sigh of relief. It was finished.

For two weeks.

Then we discovered water in the room again and up came the baseboards and some of the flooring in order to dry it out properly. We think we have figured out and fixed the problem, so we have crossed our fingers and put the room back together again. Which means, I can finally share the finished product with you!

Most of the decorations were ideas found from Pinterest, since that is where I get most of my inspiration. But this little shelf is actually from the Young House Love book and it is made from an Ikea table!

I still have plans to fix up a few more things in the room, like the dresser but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Some of the art will change too, as I find things that fit the room better.

So far though, I'm really pleased with the look and feel of the room.

What do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Any favourite part that sticks out to you? I'd love to hear feedback, since I'm not used to decorating things!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Random Things

Since I'm still recovering from strep throat, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some random things with you. I'm doing my best not to overdo it since I am finally feeling a little better, so I am still taking it easy.

I even took pictures so it wouldn't be a super boring post. Wasn't that nice of me?

1. My "to read" basket of books is getting a little out of hand.

2. Being sick kills all weight gain progress. I have no reserves and being sick for a week really makes a difference on the scales.

3. My hoya plant is going to flower and I am so excited about it!

4. My yarn stockpile has outgrown its container. Time to get a bigger one!

5. I have too many shoes at the door. Dan only has one pair.

So there you have it, my five random things of the day. In case you didn't find this post at all stimulating to read, be sure to check back tomorrow. The long awaited guest room reveal is finally making an appearance on my blog!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memory Monday - Christmas

Sorry for the lack of blogging from me last week, I just couldn't bring myself to write anything. I did end up having strep throat and I felt like death. Seriously, I never fully understood how bad strep throat really was until I had it. Also, I'm sorry that today's post is later than usual, but I slept in and then slowly started my day. I will try and do better for the rest of the week. Try is the key word there.

Now on to the subject of today's post, Christmas. As you may have guessed from my birthday post, my family was pretty big on special events and holidays. We had a tradition for everything and it was great.

First of all, we would always go out as a family to get the tree. We would all bundle up and traipse through the woods fighting over what the "perfect" one was, until we finally agreed on one and we chopped it down with an axe.

As you can tell from the above picture, there is more than one tree. You see, when we were younger, we were allowed to each pick and cut down our very own mini tree to go in our room and decorate however we wanted. It was a pretty awesome tradition.

Once we had the main tree back to the house, Dad and Mike would get the tree ready to go up in the living room. We had to make sure it was very solid and wouldn't fall over, since one year it did tip down onto us Christmas morning. Once it was up, we all got together as a family to haul all the decorations up from the basement and deck out the tree in craziness.

Every year, Dad would sit in a chair and watch as the rest of us ran around hanging ornaments wherever we wanted to. It was tradition.

When Christmas eve came around, we started getting ready for the evenings events by cleaning the house from top to bottom, lugging bedding down to the living room and setting the table for the tea party. We would then go to the candlelight service at our church and upon arriving home, we would have a tea party!

The tea party involved hot apple cider (until we discovered no one actually liked it, then we switched to tea) and a ton of Christmas goodies! We spent most of December baking treats and storing them all in preparation for this tea party. We usually all ate until we felt ill and then retired to the living room for the next part of the festivities.

By this point, everyone would have set up their beds in the living room in front of the fireplace and it was now time to hunker down and read the Christmas story. This was usually done by candlelight and involved singing some Christmas songs as well.

Once the Christmas story and singing was done, we would all pile into our makeshift beds and try to sleep. I never slept well on Christmas eve and it wasn't because I was sleeping on the floor. I was just too excited! I would wake up every hour thinking it must be morning by now but it was usually still the middle of the night.

When morning and the pre-arranged wake up time finally did arrive, we were allowed to open our stockings. While opening our stockings, we snacked upon BabyBel cheese, Yops, clementines and chocolate. This was to tide us over until breakfast of course.

Then we had to wait to open gifts until the chores were done. This was the one morning a year that Dad got a break from doing the chores so the kids took turns. Although to be honest, I never participated.

Once the chores were done, we were then allowed to open presents!

It was usually a crazy time with squeals and paper and presents everywhere but it was always so much fun. Once all the delighted present opening was done, we then moved on to our big Christmas morning breakfast. This breakfast involved bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, orange roll, fruit and orange juice. The grandparents were usually invited for this part and we all enjoyed a nice brunch that then lasted us most of the day.

That is basically it for Christmas day, but at some point during the holidays, gingerbread houses were made. This is one of the main traditions that has been carried on over the many years and we still enjoy it to this day.

Christmas was my favourite holiday as a child and it still is. There is just something so magical about the time spent with family. Do you have any special Christmas traditions that you loved as a child? Any that continue on to this day?


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple Pleasures - May 2014

As some of you may have noticed, I've been a little absent this past week. I apologize for the slowness of the blog, but I have been sick and haven't felt up to writing. I've currently come to the conclusion that it must be strep throat and am waiting to see my doctor to confirm. I'll probably continue to be a little absent for the remainder of the week but hope to be back next Monday, ready to take on the world again!

In the meantime, here is my simple pleasures post for the month of May. These are just some random things that have brought a smile to my face over the past week.

Drinking honey lemon water out of my new mug

Chomper, our pet snapping turtle we rescued

Our pretty shiny new BBQ!

The adorable outfit I wore last week for volunteering

My yard sale finds

Fresh rhubarb from our yard

Getting the garden planted
Now it's your turn, tell me something that made you smile this past week!