Thursday, May 1, 2014

And The Waters Rose

The last couple of weeks have been eventful. Not necessarily in a good way though. You see, our tiny little dirt road that leads to our house goes through a swampy area and it gets fed by the Otonabee River. This Spring, the river is high which means our swamp is high. And a high swamp means a flooded road.

It all started right before Easter, when the swamp waters started rising and the road started to get puddles.

The puddles quickly turned into swamp and areas of the road were covered with water. The water wasn't deep though, so we could still easily drive through it.

At this point, we thought it was pretty exciting and snapped lots of pictures and felt all adventurous driving through it. Little did we know...

We kept a good eye on it and watched it rise up each day. We drove around to neighbouring houses and saw the flooding there as well.

The river was high and it hadn't even peaked yet. Like I said, we were still driving down our road with ease.

There were still plenty of "islands" throughout the swamp and the water was only 8 inches deep or so.

When we left for Easter in Quebec, we could still drive through with the car and we measured the deepest point at 11 inches.

But when we returned from our weekend away, it had risen a lot! We couldn't drive through it with our car any more but luckily we had just purchased a new truck that could still make it through. The water was up over 20 inches at its deepest!

The problem with the truck though, is that there is only one. So when Dan was off with the truck, if I needed to get out, I had to canoe.

Fun times! It's a weird feeling, canoeing down your road. And it takes way longer to run errands when you have to canoe out.

The water finally peaked last Friday and has been steadily dropping since. I must say though, it will be nice to be able to just drive to town when I need to, not have to organize rides or canoe myself out.

Did anyone else get flooded? We are lucky that our house is high and dry and we only had to fight with a flooded road. I know others weren't as lucky. 


  1. Hi Jenn. You would recognize me as RLA. We're living on my parents farm in Ontario this year and had our flooding about 2 weeks ago. Our road was underwater in both directions and we were stranded for 2 days. But, with the rain we've been having for the last 3 days, I'm not sure we're completely out of harm's way. There's a lot of snow still in the bush that may back-up on the river again (especially since out neighbour downstream doesn't pull out the beaver dam on his property.)

    Hope your waters recede quickly and you can get through a little easier soon.

  2. Wow, quite an edventure you've been coping with!

  3. Roxanne - I'm sorry that you guys had flooding too and got stranded! That sucks. At least we still had a way of getting out. I hope that the rain didn't bring it back up and you can stay relatively dry.

    Furry Gnome - It has been quite the adventure! And has thrown me off my normal routine.

  4. I drove up River Road along the O. and then on out to Warsaw to have a look at the Indian R. on the weekend. It's just crazy!!!!
    The rivers have peaked and started to recede out by my place thank goodness. It didn't even come over the highway this year so I guess that means we had a nice SLOW melt.