Monday, May 5, 2014

Memory Monday - Hard Work

Another Monday means another flashback to my youth. This week I will be sharing some pictures of me working hard on the farm.

I grew up on a farm and we learned to help at a very young age. While I was the youngest of five and did get out of doing a lot of chores, I did still manage to learn some good habits. One thing we were taught by both my parents was how to work hard.

Picking up leaves in the fall
When we were little the helping was turned into a bit of game but as we got older, we needed a little more incentive. We earned a weekly allowance if we did our chores throughout the week and sometimes we even got paid for a specific job, like picking potato bugs off the plants.

Doing the dishes
For as long as I can remember, there was always some sort of dishes schedule and we all took turns. I can't remember a time that I didn't help with the dishes. As you can see in from the above picture, we learned young.

Learning to hoe
We always had a huge garden full of fabulous produce that we enjoyed all summer (and winter) long. The only downfall to the huge garden was the huge amount of work.

Shelling peas
I have many memories of making production lines when harvesting different vegetables. It was always made a group effort and we learned that many hands make light work.

Planting potatoes
We would have wood parties where friends would come over and we would all help bring loads of wood from the wood pile to the basement. The house was heated completely by wood so it was a never ending job.

Filling the basement with wood
Another important summer job was haying. We had a small head of cattle that needed to be fed all winter long so during the hot days of summer, we would hay. Once again, we all helped in some way and often involved friends.

Empty hay wagon
I learned many many things growing up how I did and many of my life skills were taught to me by my parents and older siblings. I learned hard work and responsibility and have taken both of those into my life. I am lucky to have grown up how I did and I look back on my childhood with many fond memories.


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  1. Ah, the garden production lines... :)

  2. Some of the highlights of my teenage years were helping at your house with wood (or trying to catch the cow in the neighbors garden and feeding the scary turkeys when your parents were away!)
    I remember how much I loved being around your house and your family and thinking you were the best family I'd ever met. :)

  3. Jackie - Sitting on the porch washing carrots. :)

    Kristy - Many good memories were made back then.