Thursday, May 15, 2014

Seattle Highlights

I realize that it's been over a week since we returned from our vacation to Seattle and most of you have been patiently waiting for pictures and a post. But this past week has been busy and I didn't have the energy to wade through my 400+ pictures and pick out my favourite ones to share, so I kept putting it off.

Today though, I am sitting myself down in front of the computer and choosing to share some of the highlights from our vacation with you.

We were lucky to have a really clear day when flying to Seattle and for the two hours before landing, we were able to enjoy the beautiful views out of our window.

We also totally lucked out on the weather for the week we were there. The first few days felt like total summer and it even reached 85 on the Thursday. It felt so nice to be traipsing about in shorts, a tank top and sandals and still be sweating!

Being able to spend time with my sister Jackie was also pretty awesome. We realized that this was the longest we had been in each others company since I was in high school!

She had a pretty intense schedule of activities planned out for us (and yes, there was a literal schedule) and we were kept busy for the entire week we were there. We also did a ton of walking, which was quite the wake up call for this lazy person. At least it was gorgeous there, with all the trees, bushes and flowers. It felt like everything was blooming.

A couple of the main things we saw or did were:

The troll under the bridge

Pike Place Market

The first Starbucks

The ferry to Bainbridge Island

The zoo

Pretty beaches

The locks

We also got to see lots of fun people! Not only did we love hanging out with Jackie, Kevin and their adorable baby Michael, we also got to see some childhood friends of mine.

Aaron and his wife Kathryn
But if I'm being truly honest, one of the main highlights of the entire trip was getting to meet my new little nephew Michael. He was adorable and I had so much fun getting to know him. He also loved me a lot, so that didn't hurt.

Like I said, pretty dang cute.

Overall, it was an awesome trip and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to take it. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to Jackie and Kevin (and little Mikey) for hosting us for an entire week. It was greatly appreciated and we had so much fun.


  1. It was fun having you here and I was most delighted to show you Seattle. :)
    oh, and have you been practicing your parallel parking?

  2. Looks like Seattle was a blast! (you DID luck out on weather! My brother and family live there (Seattle) and were actually visiting us on the East coast and missed out on their fabulous sunny weather!)

  3. Lovely little baby! Bet he enjoyed lots of spoiling from auntie! I know absolutely nothing about Seattle - looks like a very nice place though. Glad you had such a lovely holiday!

  4. Jackie - I haven't practiced yet but I haven't driven much since getting home. I will try and work in something soon though, before I forget everything you taught me!

    Kate - I'm sorry your brother missed his nice weather, that sucks. Hopefully it will return at some point this summer.

    Anne - Mikey did love having his Auntie Jenn around! And Seattle is gorgeous, especially this time of year.

  5. I just love all these pictures--I feel like I have a tiny window into your adventures!!

  6. Tory - You can get a full play by play when we visit you this summer. :D