Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 2 Check-In

We missed last Friday because of my guest post series on infertility so you actually had two weeks to complete the next five tasks on the Spring Cleaning Challenge I gave to you. Did you get around to doing them all?

I am secretly hoping your answer to the above question was no, because that's my answer. I know that I had an extra week to work with but with Easter thrown in there and the flooded road situation, it just didn't get done. :::insert embarrassed face here::::

But I did get 3 out of the 5 tasks completed so I am here to tell you that.

6. Clean kitchen sink and under the sink. Check.

It was at this point that I skipped ahead to some of the bathroom tasks, since I just didn't feel up to tackling the big kitchen ones.

9. Clean medicine cabinet and storage. Check.

10. Trash expired items and declutter. Check.

That's as far as I got. I really had good intentions of getting the last two things checked off the kitchen list but it just didn't happen. Oh well, life will go on.

Did anyone else complete the next five tasks? Or are you still working on the ones from the first week? I'm pretty sure no matter how much you do, your house will thank you.

Challenge for next week, complete the next five tasks.

11. Clean shower, tub, shower curtains and walls.
12. Clean toilet, bathroom surface areas, mirror and floor.

13. Clean mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains.
14. Organize closet and drawers and declutter.
15. Deep-clean mattress and wash pillows, linen and comforter. 

And then in case you were bad like me, do these old two tasks!

7. Wipe down walls and wash garbage can.
8. Clean stove top, kitchen surface areas and floor. 


  1. I cleaned the mirror in the bathroom and wiped down my fridge. :)

  2. I'm not following your spring clean-up challenge specifically, because I'm deep cleaning (walls and everything) the new house. But, I had to brag when I saw 'throw out expired items'. After 3.5 years, I FINALLY got rid of years worth of expired prescription drugs! I've been boxing unused portions of everything from fertility meds, to unused portions of antibiotics (when I was switched to a different kind mid-course). But what stunned me was the number of pain killers. If anyone looked at the bottles I'd be pegged as an addict, but for the fact that they we all almost full! The long delay is because they only do drug collections (for safe disposal) up here once a year and I kept missing it. but this time I got it on my phone's calender. Clever monkey!

  3. Jackie - Go you!

    Lee - I know that you are going through an intense clean and my list wouldn't even touch on what you need to do! I'm so proud of you for going through all your meds and getting rid of them safely, that is smart. You are very much a clever monkey. :D